How to transfer Angry Birds scores between iOS devices

Have you ever wanted to transfer your Angry Birds scores from your iPod touch to a new iPhone or to your new iPad? Or from one iPhone to another?

If so, it is possible, with no jailbreaking required, and it’s pretty easy, too.

How to transfer Angry Birds scores between iOS devices:

1. Download the free iPhone Explorer which also works for iPod touch and iPad and lets you use an iOS device as if it’s a flash drive
2. Plug your source Angry Birds device into your Mac and use iPhone Explorer to navigate to Apps > Angry Birds > Documents
3. Create a folder on your Mac called “Angry Birds Data” or similar and drag and drop the following five files from Apps > Angry Birds > Documents into it:
   – DataStore
   – FetchManager
   – highscores.lua
   – PostManager
   – settings.lua
4. Remove your source iOS device and plug in the iOS device to which you want to transfer your Angry Birds scores
5. Drag and drop all five files above from your Mac to the new iOS device (with Angry Birds already installed on it) in Apps > Angry Birds > Documents

That’s it! Now you have a backup of your current Angry Birds scoring information so, if anything ever goes wrong, you won’t lose all of your hard “work,” plus when you run Angry Birds on your new device, your game will be up to date with your progress.

One thing to note: In GameCenter, Angry Birds scores are separate from Angry Birds HD scores, but the method above will change Angry Birds HD scores, too. So, unless you want to transfer your iPhone’s or iPod touch’s Angry Birds scores to Angry Birds HD (iPad), make sure you are dropping your scores into the proper Angry Birds folder on your iPad if you have both versions of Angry Birds installed on iPad.

We’ve successfully tested this taking Angry Birds scoring from an iPhone 4 to an iPad 3G’s Angry Birds and Angry Birds HD and also from an iPhone 4 to an iPhone 3GS. All devices were running Apple’s latest available iOS version.

MacDailyNews Note: We have to wonder if there’s a market for Angry Birds high scores or if .zip files of the five files above containing crazy scores are floating around on the torrents. Or is there something contained within the Angry Birds files that would prevent such a thing? Does anyone know?


  1. shouldn’t everything transfer over when you do a backup and restore? I’ve noticed this happen before and Apple should really work on it. There is a reason I want to backup my old iPhone and restore to new… its to KEEP ALL DATA

  2. I thought the same thing as MDN. I don’t know about other people but I purchased the game to play from beginning to end without getting fake scores. I currently have 3 stars on every level but still can’t seem to get the achievements for the high scores except on World 2. I’m also working on Seasons. Have 3 stars on all Christmas levels but still working on the Hallowen levels.

  3. or a jailbroken iphone could SSH in and do the same.

    Excuse me while i go search for a angry birds torrent to get me past a certain level.. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  4. I’ve backed up and restored and it worked fine. The problem is how do you get Angry Birds to work again after it’s crashed and don’t want to start from the beginning. This would sound like a solution…

  5. …”shouldn’t everything transfer over when you do a backup and restore?”

    Yes. This method is for moving between devices that are NOT tied to the same iTunes library / account.

  6. i made my own research and found a magic app Birds` Scores. nothing better a PC owner can imagine. free and user friendly. i didn`t have to deal with those system files, was just following the tips and backed up my scores from iphone 4s. will still test it with my ipad 3.

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