HP to make ‘exciting’ webOS announcement on February 9th

Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac Electronista reports, “HP is sending out press invitations to a special webOS event on February 9th, reports say. The event will take place in San Francisco, and is being advertised with the slogan ‘Think big. Think small. Think beyond.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Too easy.

Electronista reports, “Notably missing from the invitation graphic is Palm, which was bought by HP and originally created webOS; HP may be phasing out the Palm name.”

MacDailyNews Take: Defunct.

Electronista reports, “The event is expected to feature at least one phone, and perhaps more significantly the first-ever webOS tablet in the form of the [10-inch] Topaz.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Because the world is crying out — crying out, we tell you! — for yet another pretend iPad without a third-party ecosystem from a printer company. And webOS hasn’t failed enough times already.


  1. Nice timing HP. It had to be just barely early enough so that whatever gets announced is not made obsolete by iPad 2.0. Yet it is probably not an “available today” announcement, so whatever is announced WILL be obsolete by the time it IS available.

    Actually, anything in the pipeline from Apple’s competition is already mostly obsolete compared to iPad 1.0, so I guess it really doesn’t matter too much… ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    Kinda reminds me Palm releasing the Pre just a few DAYS before Apple released iPhone 3GS, while also keeping the previous iPhone model in the lineup at $99. Made obsolete AND over-priced over a weekend. HP picks up where Palm left off.

  2. Oh yeah …

    ” Android already does this, and it works great on the Galaxy Tab.”

    And we all know how things are going for Androne Tablets (talk about something being nothing more than a giant phone).

  3. ‘Think big. Think small. Think beyond.’

    Why did HP not use, “Think Different” ?
    Did someone else already use that?
    Who could it have been, that one who came first, and used the best slogan before anyone else?
    “Who?! Who?! Who could it have been?!”, I ask.

  4. I hope the instructions for using the devises are better than with their printers where the English is no more comprehensible than the 38 other languages they provided. Thankfully I just guessed what I had to do from the Klingon versions and finally got it to work on my wireless network.

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