Analyst predicts what’s next for Apple? Verizon iPhone, Apple-branded television, and more

New Year's Blowout - Save up to $949 on Macs!Eric Savitz reports for Forbes, “Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster took up [the question of what’s next for Apple] in a research note this morning. He sees a lot of interesting thing to come in 2011, but with a continued focus on the Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod. Apple, he says, will not enter any new product categories in 2011, although he sees some new things in the works, eventually including Apple-branded televisions.”

Here’s his list of what to expect in 2011:
• Verizon Wireless launch of the iPhone: He sees a 95% probability this will happen, with timing expected in the March quarter. (Which is to say, soon.)
• Mac App store launch: 100% probability; it launches on Thursday.
• iTunes cloud service: Probability 90%, he says.
• iPad geographic expansion: Probability 100%, according to Munster.
• iPad subsidies from carriers: Probability 80%, he contends.
• OS X Lion launches: Probability 100%, with arrival likely this summer, he says.
• Fifth-generation iPhone likely to launch this summer, with new near-field communications (NFC) capability.
• Second-generation iPad likely to launch this spring.
• He sees new MacBook Pros in the first half, and new iMac in the second half.
• New iPods are likely in the fall, as usual.

Read more, including Munster’s prediction of an “all-in-one Apple television,” in the full article here.


  1. The market cap deltas between Microsoft, Apple, and Exxon have remained fairly constant in recent months (~$60B and ~$70B, respectively). That might change if this AAPL surge continues, but I am in for the long haul, anyway.

  2. Apple TV Channel that is so does streaming music for a few instead of owning tracks.

    Owning CDs and DVDs is so out of date, now it is time about not worrying about owning a movie or a music track. The TV model means you watch what is available without owning it.

    I for one would be very happy to rent a channel and I would prefer it to be an Apple TV Channel(s) same for music.

    I hope the same goes for books. The idea has already started in countries like France where for a modest monthly fee one gets to read a range of magazines and books, and the list is expanding.

    The days of creating your library of tapes gone, CDs gone, DVDs going bust, Blueray never became a library, magazines and books are now going bust.

    The cloud means accessing content and content management without having to worry about storage/backup/archive. Imagine the Green benefits when the same DVD BOOK MAGAZINE ETC is not roduced again and again, transported again and again.

    Welcome new world,

  3. An Apple Flat Screen TV? Could be. It would come with enough power to act like a really big iPad I’m guessing..

    I will say that the bewildering model line up of Sony and Samsung, just to name two is more than overwhelming.

    Less is more. No need to have all those different models, and no doubt, Apple will have just a handful to choose from

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