Analyst predicts what’s next for Apple? Verizon iPhone, Apple-branded television, and more

New Year's Blowout - Save up to $949 on Macs!Eric Savitz reports for Forbes, “Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster took up [the question of what’s next for Apple] in a research note this morning. He sees a lot of interesting thing to come in 2011, but with a continued focus on the Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod. Apple, he says, will not enter any new product categories in 2011, although he sees some new things in the works, eventually including Apple-branded televisions.”

Here’s his list of what to expect in 2011:
• Verizon Wireless launch of the iPhone: He sees a 95% probability this will happen, with timing expected in the March quarter. (Which is to say, soon.)
• Mac App store launch: 100% probability; it launches on Thursday.
• iTunes cloud service: Probability 90%, he says.
• iPad geographic expansion: Probability 100%, according to Munster.
• iPad subsidies from carriers: Probability 80%, he contends.
• OS X Lion launches: Probability 100%, with arrival likely this summer, he says.
• Fifth-generation iPhone likely to launch this summer, with new near-field communications (NFC) capability.
• Second-generation iPad likely to launch this spring.
• He sees new MacBook Pros in the first half, and new iMac in the second half.
• New iPods are likely in the fall, as usual.

Read more, including Munster’s prediction of an “all-in-one Apple television,” in the full article here.


  1. I can see the television. More and more tv’s are coming out with internet apps, netflix, and wifi built-in. Those sales hurt appletv sales. I can see apple coming out with a 40 inch to capture some sales. That would be a nice size that would satisfy most families

  2. Apple will not come out with their own TV. They may partner but they already have the ATV. Screens are like bread, they are in every store and getting cheaper.

  3. itunes cloud, yea right.

    Where do all these retards get such a good reputation?
    I have said it before and will say it again: WHY THE HELL WOULD APPLE MAKE THERE USERES RE-DOWNLOAD THERE MUSIC EVERY TIME THE LISCEN TO IT? (oh sure google makes you do that (you tube, gmail etc) but where does apple make you do that?)

    I am going to strangle the next person who says “cloud” within earshot.

  4. Speaking of the cloud – why is it that in all of the Win 7 commercials that whenever someone needs to “go to the cloud” they have to switch to a new computer? It may be trying to make it look secret agent cool, but I’m betting it is just truth in advertising…

  5. The one area – and it’s a crucial one – where Apple will have a long-term weakness is in not having control over content. Content drives a lot of the Apple universe, especially since so many Apple products are tied, in big and small ways, to the iTunes Store, which is driven completely by content. Already, content providers are being antsy in big and small ways – dictating what and when they will allow the iTunes Store to carry. And there are some organizations already beginning to offer their content and apps on their own websites. So Apple needs to get into the content business – and instead of starting from scratch, Apple would be better off to buy one of the big-league content providers. Apple has a huge trove of cash, so it would be well within its means to make such a move.

  6. appletv not for everyone. I’m finding that out the hard way. bought one for relative. They just dont get what its all about. To switch to it, they have to find the input button on remote and switch to the right hdmi connection. when they want tv they have to switch back. if may seem easy for us, but to some its a pain that they dont want to deal with. Also when try to decide which movie to watch all they can see are the movie posters, with the small title underneath, only when its highlighted. I didnt realize until they were trying it, but it is actually hard to read all the titles. Sometime its easier to stand up and be close to the tv to make sure you can read them. I took it for granted cause i have good eyes, but if vision is not the best and you are watching a 37 inch from 10 feet away, the apple tv can suck

  7. Apple will not have it’s own TV. TVs have tolong a lifespan, and Apple doesn’t make screens. Plus, despite what analysts keep spouting out, people wan their TVs to be TVs with easy access to content, not really big computers.

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