Samsung to attempt to take on Apple iPod touch with Android-based ‘Galaxy Player’

Apple Online Store“Samsung Electronics Co. will sell a stripped-down version of its successful Galaxy S smartphone as a digital media player, the first major product introduction since its cellphone division took control of the portable media player business earlier this year,” Evan Ramstad reports for The Wall Street Journal. “With the move, Samsung will round out a series of Galaxy-named gadgets that matches product for product with Apple Inc.’s line of iPods, iPad and iPhone… Samsung will have the Galaxy Player, Galaxy Tab and Galaxy smartphone. All use a variation of Google Inc.’s Android operating system and work with apps developed for it.”

“Samsung formally announced it on Monday and said it would be available in South Korea next month, though it didn’t set a shipping date. No price was announced, but pricing will depend on amount of built-in storage,” Ramstad reports. “Samsung is aiming to roll it out in other countries in the April to June period and will display it at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week.”

Ramstad reports, “The product, called the Galaxy Player YP-GB1, matches most of the specifications of its Galaxy S phone, though its 4-inch touchscreen uses a liquid crystal display instead of newer organic LED.”

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MacDailyNews Take: What’s amazing is that Apple pumps billions into Samsung and then Samsung turns around and makes knockoffs of Apple products. How much longer is Steve Jobs going to help bankroll ripoffs of Apple products based on a ripoff OS over which his company is suing several others?

Something doesn’t compute. It’d be as if the U.S. Army were buying their guns and ammo from Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan today.

Apple’s sitting on $51+ billion in cash. They ought to build their own foundries and display production lines or at least find somebody with a conscience to work with who isn’t stabbing them in the back daily. In fact, they should’ve done it already.

Regardless of Apple’s masochistic relationship with Samsung or the outcomes of the various Android lawsuits, mark this as Android’s high-water point; soon the hubris surrounding Android is going to take a big time hit as its only real advantage – carrier exclusivity in a major smartphone market – goes the way of the dodo. That’s right, in short order there’ll no longer be a reason to settle for a pretend iPhone. Now, who’s lining up for yet another pretend iPod?


  1. No, Amazin1, I think ChrissyOne got it right. We bankrolled both A-Q and the Taliban, even after we knew how insanely conservative their “religion” was. Islam may tend to be a bit more retro than most Christian sects, but these guys were … are? … so far right they think the Islamic “left” is made up of Jews.
    MDN, you must be kidding us. The way you talk you have to be either hair-brained or thinking the Galaxy family is actually competition for the iOS family.
    It runs Android. Do I really need to say more? Perhaps I’m mistaken, but isn’t Android a fake Unix designed by a committee that never had an org meeting or anything?
    And the hardware is designed with cost as a primary consideration! Not Apple’s way.

  2. If you enjoy black humour – as Chrissy and I obviously do – you have to giggle when you recall that the Americans kept the Afghan rebels going just to annoy the Russkies.
    Enemies seem to change – like dancing partners – depending on the relative ghastliness of the options – weary old waltz with wonderful Willy or cheery Charleston with vile old Vicar? Napoleon or The Prussians? then Hilter or Stalin?? then maybe the aliens will come in and we’ll have to get chummy with the Taliban all of a sudden.
    Or maybe the greys are preferable to the beards. Probably more fun in the pub…

  3. Samsung always has manufactured nice-looking, knock-off hardware outfitted with notoriously bad software to sell devices that are just awful to use. Android probably improves this formula for the less-than-innovative Koreans. It also buys them time until they can copy (or reverse-engineer) the guts of Apple’s iOS into the Baidu OS project they’d prefer to be using as a demonstration of national pride.

    Apple does need to do something to sever its dependance on displays and memory chips made by this blood-sucking company…

  4. MDN quote: “It’d be as if the U.S. Army were buying their guns and ammo from Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan today.” Show a little respect MDN and use a realistic comparison. Talk about shallow! Geez!

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