Analyst: Apple iPad ‘the only game in town’ because other tablets are ‘junk’

ZaggMate“In a note to clients this week, Wedge Partners analyst Brian Blair said recent retail checks point to significant end demand for the iPad,” John Paczkowski reports for AllThingsD. “‘Even with a handful of tablet competitors hitting the market, the iPad remained the only game in town in our holiday checks largely because many of the tablets hitting the market are junk for lack of a better word,’ he wrote. ‘They are underpowered, poorly constructed and largely not ready for prime time.'”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: “Crap?”

[Attribution: Electronista. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Arline M.” for the heads up.]


  1. For years tablets were confined to heavy, clumsy, impractical (hint: windows…) enclosures that couldn’t gain mass traction or practicality. Why would that suddeny change? Apple iOS and Multitouch took years of developing under the highest scrutiny and standards and all the patents are iron clad.

    iPad rules the future of computing and is the new paradigm.

    IPad Rules the new computing standard. all others are bad imitations at best.

  2. It’s always amusing to hear RIM executives tell us what’s “coming” in their BlackBerry pad. Amusing because not only is it VAPORWARE at this point . . . it hasn’t even begun to clear the Apple/iPad COPYRIGHT hurdles!

    Just wait until Apple engineers take the “PlayBook” apart to see what RIM stole directly from its predecessor! It ain’t gonna be pretty.

  3. I would just keep the Windows or Google TURD as a common description. However, a “How deep is that crap” rating would be helpful.

    Not all crap piles stack up the same!

  4. Went to an AT&T store yesterday to get a MicroCell. There were probably 50 touchscreen devices on display, all plastic, half with keyboards hanging out. Most were free, under $100 or BOGO. They had the GalaxyTab. Man, that thing is smaller and flimsier than I had imagined. All six store employees were carrying iPhone 4. AT&T now offers refurbs for <$100. I can’t imagine who will buy all that other junk.

  5. What iPad 2.0 means, is the vaporizing of the telcos real power. Steve has found a way to turn them into the “dumb pipes” that they oughta be.

    Full screen FaceTime on a wifi nugget tied to any old 4g network.

    Bam! commodity communications star trek style! Mayabe time to say bye bye to my iPhone and go iPad only!

  6. MacDailyNews Take: “Crap?”

    Yes CRAP

    In 2010, one even came close to the iPad. 2011 doesn’t bode well for the competition either.

    What we’ve seen so far of the upcoming ‘ready for tablets’ version of Android is that it’s easier to view with satisfactory screen detail. But it’s still Android on gawd-knows-what hardware: An iOS wannabe that is annoying to use (personal experience) and insecure, with no vetting of apps whatsoever. Give Google time and they might catch up. But 2011 will only be the year of Android as an OK cheap device alternative.

    As for Microsoft: Who? Bye-bye Ballmer.

    And yes, Apple requires competition. We’re waiting…

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