Apple pulls WikiLeaks app from iTunes App Store

Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac “Apple has pulled an unofficial Wikileaks app from the App store for the iPhone and iPad without explanation,” Electronista reports. “The paid $2 app purported to offer users the ability to get ‘instant access to the world’s most documented leakage of top-secret memos and other confidential government documents.'”

“The removal of the app from the Apple app store is the latest in a string of high profile companies who have tried to distance themselves from Wikileaks,” Electronista reports. “Apple will have weighed the decision to remove the app against a possible backlash from Wikileaks hacktivists who have already launched web attacks on the Mastercard and Visa websites.”

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Alexia Tsotsis reports for TechCrunch, “In the past couple of weeks corporate biggies Amazon, PayPal, Mastercard, Visa and Bank of America have all tried to disassociate themselves in one way or another from WikiLeaks. If this isn’t some kind of glitch, Apple has plenty company.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. @MacAdvocate

    Whether there are thousands of messages or only one, attacking the messenger is the best strategy for scuttling the message (and all of its nasty little implications).

    Always has been, always will be.

  2. Apple probably got one of those nasty letters from our government saying they were committing treason or some other bullshit if they allowed users to see Wikileaks documents. We gotta keep the public ignorant of government abuses you know.

  3. The gene is out of the bottle. What we have learned from the Wikileaks, more then news has been confirmation of what we already knew. The inner workings of the Empire.

  4. I kept expecting something along the lines of what Woodward and Bernstein revealed. Instead all we got was facts about what we already knew about how things work. It seems that Mr. Assange has an agenda against the US. You think we’re bad? How about some leaks about what goes on in the UAE or Russia, or Italy, or Brasil, or anywhere else?

  5. Even if wikileaks does some good, it is certainly controversial, potentially damaging to national security, and illegal. Yeah, distancing is the right move.

    I have to say, it is shocking to see how often high officials can be thickheaded fools.

  6. It’s the 1930’s all over again. Only this time the rise of the right wing radicals is happening the US not in Germany. Fifteen years from now, everyone will be asking, “How did such hateful, crazy people end up in charge of a country.”

    It’s funny how no one seems too interested in the validity of anything wiki leaks published. Just the fact that “someone” labeled it “Top Secret”. Nixon had labeled the existence of the “Plummers” Top Secret as well. Why, because he was using them to break the law.

    How about we stop shooting the Wiki Leaks messenger and start paying attention to the message. Our government has become an agency of idiots who’s only goal is to increase their own power while shutting up anyone who cares to voice a differing opinion.

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