Apple pulled WikiLeaks app because it put people ‘in harms way’ says spokesperson

Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac “An Apple spokesperson has provided a brief explanation of why an unofficial Wikileaks app was pulled from the App Store,” iPodNN reports. “‘We removed WikiLeaks because it violated developer guidelines,’ the representative says. ‘An app must comply with all local laws. It may not put an individual or target group in harms way.'”

iPodNN reports, “Apple has drawn fire for blocking or removing political apps in the past, such as a Republican candidate’s campaign app, or even a title which simply featured editorial cartoons.”

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  1. “It may not put an individual or target group in harms way.'” Oh, certainly! And the post 9-11 Gop-party never did such things? Still you’re selling Mac$$$ and Ap$$$ to them, aren’t you?
    FY Apple!

  2. Sorry MacRaven. He’s an Australian and is not guilty of breaking any laws in Australia according to the recent press here.

    In the US they’re trying to find a law that he’s broken. None so far. They’re still looking. If they can’t find one they’ll invent one and predate it. It’s been done fairly recently.

    The US is NOT the lawmaker for the entire planet. When are you going to get that into your head? The rest of the world is a little tired of US might and balderdash. I suggest a tour outside your nation to getter take on the world view of the US. Trust me it could be better..

    So far personal information has been heavily redacted. No actual individual has come into harms way unless maybe they’re doing something that perhaps they shouldn’t.

    He’s certainly made a lot of government people from many nations look foolish.

    It’s shone a light on how appallingly governments have behaved especially the US government but also the Australian government. these people are accountable to us.. common citizens..

    I’m not surprised at Apple removing the app just a little disapointed.

  3. Apple made the right call here. They don’t want to be called out for assisting in disseminating stolen government documents. As in the case of porn, those who want to see this stuff can use the web.

    Apropos, I find Assange’s outrage over the leaking of the Swedish police reports to be deliciously ironic.

  4. @MacRaven

    By law only citizens of the US are allowed to be tried for treason, so civics fail on your part.

    Secondly, who do you think the government is more afraid of reading the info in the leaks? The (A)’terrorists’ or the (B) American public. If you guess answer B, the American public, give yourself a prize.

  5. Pulling the wikileaks app stinks. So disappointing to see Apple joining with banksters and corrupt politicians who don’t like light being shone on their activities. A classic example are exposure of collateral murders and despotic governments in Africa.

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