Motorola teaser video for new tablet jabs at Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab (with video)

Motorola today debuted a teaser video for its Android tablet unveiling at CES event on January 5th:

MacDailyNews Take: Putting the critically-panned Galaxy Tab after the iPad as if it is some sort of evolutionary step is foolish. Yes, chronologically, the Galaxy Tab came after the iPad (it had to, of course; without iPad, there would be no fake iPads from Samsung et al.), but the Galaxy Tab is obviously an inferior, derivative device. We’d have a lot more respect for these me-too wannabe companies if they just came out and gave Apple credit for repeatedly changing everything and providing the models for the rest of the world to follow (personal computer, PDA, portable media player, smartphone, tablet). Of course, Mimicola doesn’t only disrespect Apple, they also don’t respect their potential customers’ intelligence; they think they’re stupid enough to believe that an iPad is “like a giant iPhone” and nothing more than “a giant iPhone” (despite it having no phone at all). The fact is that there are two transformative devices that Mimicola tries to copy nowadays: iPhone and, soon it seems, iPad. Giving credit where credit is due would be the right thing to do, but these amateurs know, subconsciously at least, that they’re trying to knock off Apple innovations, so they are incapable of doing the right thing. They have no shame. It’s sad.


  1. Huh? It doesn’t even show anything!

    So what’s their tablet… not Android based like the galaxy thing?

    I don’t get it.

    The ancient tablet stuff is funny, but they should have stopped when they reached iPad.

  2. Any tablet that runs a OS that is already on a smart phone will be a larger version. The iPad is a larger iPhone but that is what makes it so successful. The Galaxy Tab was a big android phone, yet being sluggish it flopped. The motorola tablet will be nothing but a big Droid X.

  3. I didn’t mean that that the iPad is just a giant iPhone. I use mine every day, what i meant by the iPad is a giant iPhone is that it uses the same, easy SpringBoard UI. Once you start using it and it’s apps you can find that it’s way different than the iPhone

  4. This video is so not cool. At all. It looks like the tutorial you do on your first day of Maya class. The camera movements are unrefined, there is no creative depth-of-field or particle effects, and textures are too smooth and shiny. It looks state-of-the-art for about 1997, which I guess is appropriate.
    It looks like the old Nasonex commercials:

    The most interesting thing about the spot is the music. Other than that it’s nothing but a budget job knocked out by one person in a couple of hours. Nothing to see here.

  5. After a discussion among several visual arts students and professors, we’ve come to a unanimous conclusion:

    This is a terrible piece of work. It’s way too long to make any immediate impression; it should have been direct, climactic and shorter. It’s message is muddied with too many items (four would have been pushing it). They’re spread around a hallway or corridor (inside of building in a continuous line). And the animation is lame.

    Only an unoriginal company (which Motorola has become since the heady days of the Razor) would affix its name to this.

  6. Whoever say iPad is just either a giant iPod Touch or iPhone clearly has lost touch with reality somewhat, native iPad apps offer whole new level of user experiences.

    Instead of poking fun at Apple, Motolora should concentrate on their effort on showcasing its tablet’s killer features (if there is any) to users.

  7. @CrissyOne
    Don’t know what school you went to.

    I personally cant wait. The ad was interesting. Will it replace my iPad? No. Bit im still gonna buy one. Definately has something to do with B or Bee. New OS perhaps, or the name of the tablet.
    I wouldve said, Android OS… Enough Said.

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