ZDNet Technology of the Year: Apple’s revolutionary iPad

Apple Online StoreJason Perlow writes for ZDNet, “Was 2010 so crappy that the only real choice [for TIME Magazine’s “Person of the Year”] was between an obnoxious, ethically-challenged egotistic Web 2.0 billionaire Wunderkind or an Information Technology terrorist pretending to be a journalist and Internet activist? Couldn’t they come up with someone who did something legitimately decent for the planet?”

MacDailyNews Take: That’s not how it works, Jason. Yours is a common (and tiresome) misconception. TIME’s “Person of the Year” features someone, some group, or quite incongruously something, that for better or for worse has done the most to influence the events of the year. Could be Hitler (yup, in 1938) or Gandi (nope, he never got it). But, you’re right about one thing: Zuckerberg was most certainly a mistake to be named “Person of the Year” based upon TIME’s own criteria.

Perlow writes, “”But at the end of the day, ZDNet is a technology website. And if I had to name a single technology that made the greatest impact in 2010, it was without a doubt Apple’s iPad.”

“When the iPad was first introduced to the public in late January, there was immediate derision of the product by naysayers that felt that it was nothing more than an oversized iPhone or iPod Touch. The mainstream technology press questioned whether or not the product would even catch on,” Perlow writes. “They were proven wrong.”

Perlow writes, “Very. Very. Very. Wrong.”

“2010 will be remembered by many as difficult year, with numerous challenges that everyone had to face, be it economically, sociologically, politically and emotionally,” Perlow writes. “But in our industry it will be marked by the introduction of the device that changed everything — the iPad.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “GetMeOnTop” for the heads up.]


  1. Tell that to the 1300 or so dead Kenyans, whose deaths are directly attributable to WikiLeaks’ operation.

    And that according to Assange’s unapologetic admission.

  2. Quote from “Mr. Reeee “But the WikiLeaks dude is a hero!”

    OH PLEASE – Both of these idiots are scum.

    Cant decide on how to categorize each one due to the obsessive B.Sh** committed by each one.

    And thats being nice.

  3. Wait till you’ve tried the latest VNC client, Screens.

    What an awesome piece of software for the iPad. I have complete control of my desktop Mac using my iPad. From my couch downstairs, I launched Photoshop, opened a file and printed it to the printer downstairs.

    Finally Mac screen sharing for the iPad.

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  5. “But the WikiLeaks dude is a hero!”

    You admire some pencil-necked geek who can only making a living cutting and pasting documents that he stole??????

    Of course, there is also the “pasting” ,(think white semi-liquid substance) that goes along with “alleged sexual crimes”

    Awwww thats ok , think of the mans” overall contribution to society.

    Yeah, some society all right.

    Give him an island an let him start his own society with his clown followers.

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