Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. to launch ‘Daily’ iPad newspaper in January

Apple Online Store“Want to get a gander at ‘the Daily,’ Rupert Murdoch’s much-discussed but still sorta-secret iPad newspaper? Wait a month,” Peter Kafka reports for AllThingsD.

“News Corp. plans to launch the publication the week of January 17, multiple sources tell me,” Kafka reports.

“The caveat here is that launch plans have moved around a couple of times in the past few months; until recently, lots of folks expected to see this thing in December,” Kafka reports. “But this latest date looks like a much safer bet. (News Corp. also owns this Web site.)”

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  1. This is kind of like the annoying Green Hornet Wendy’s commercial. The more you hear the talk, the less people care. I would bet everyday it loses more potential customers with this annoying news.

  2. No, its just to promote the next James Bond Movie… Rupe as media mega-mogul with some newer stealthier weapon, again pre-reporting the news by manufacturing it… this time the villain is smoking with a cigarette holder, stroking a cat and smiling through the scars on his face. In this movie the real Rupe gets outed as Dr. No — who is played now by Glenn Beck — who waits till the end to dramatically peel off his rubber mask. Further drama comes when Bill O’Reilly becomes jealous of the newcomer Beck — who is getting glances from the villain Bond girl — played with minimal acting skills by Ms. Palin. She enlists a naive Juan Williams to play a race card to embarrass Beck by claiming Beck has Nazi tendencies. But Bond and M prevail and save the world. O’Reilly escapes, helped by a cameo appearance of the man of Steele, which allows for a sequel. What a screenplay!

  3. I have the original 128k Mac, keyboard, mouse and packaging. No disks however. Anyone know where to get the disks?

    On another note. MDN iPad app doesn’t accept log in, nothing changes, it’s slow, often won’t load articles, and it seems MDN’s host is the slowest around. They’re holding you back MDN!

  4. @Dusty
    I’ve got a suggestion for you folks that go ape-shit over the name Murdoch. Try seeing beyond the personality and consider the core of the story. Whether anyone likes or dislikes the content, if the function of the app and subscription & delivery work as discussed, this will be a milestone. Publishers need help moving to digital. If Murdoch’s investment can help blaze the trail, then more power to him.

  5. @ Spark

    As you missed mine?

    Make no mistake, if the left could generate ratings and income or solidify his greedy grasp, he would pander in that direction: Murdoch abuses his power for his own gain, therefore giving him more is not wise. In the balance, I’d much rather wait until someone else figured out the move to digital.

  6. I read that this thing is going to be pitched at the level of the UK Daily Mail- a nitwit right wing rag aimed at those who have difficulty with long words.

    And we thought Apple was a class act. Shame on you Steve.

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