The Apple Data Center FAQ

“Apple has transformed digital music and mobile devices with iTunes and the iPod, iPhone and iPad,” Rich Miller reports for Data Center Knowledge. “What’s Apple’s latest game-changing hardware design? The company is in the process of building a major data center to support its current and future Internet services.”

Miller reports, “We’ve compiled our coverage of Apple’s new facility in North Carolina, along with some nice sleuthing by participants on Mac enthusiast sites, into a series of Frequently Asked Questions.”

“It’s likely that Apple will build at least one other large data center complex to provide backup capabilities for the facility in North Carolina. Most major Internet companies have major hubs on both coasts, which helps with content delivery and also provides the ability to keep copies of critical data “out of region” so that a single natural disaster wouldn’t threaten the survival of the data,” Miller reports. “A single point of failure will not suffice. If the speculation about Apple’s cloud ambitions are correct, there are more huge data centers to come.”

Read the entire Apple Data Center FAQ here.


  1. Isn’t Apple’s largest data center situated in Redmond? My bad. So what is it that my WP7 team has been hacking into then? Detroit’s finest? Is there a difference between a wheel hub and hubs on WP7? Where’s my chair? Where’s Belfiore? I should brain him.

  2. @silverhawk
    Yes, Cupertino is in fact sandwiched between at least 2 or 3 faults.

    Nobody know precisly what the NC data centre facility will be used for. Everybody can speculate on it’s purpose, only SJ, TC, and few others will know.

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