Apple ramping up supply chain for sales of over 6 million next-gen iPads per month

“Apple has reportedly added two additional touch panel makers, Chimei Innolux and Cando, to its touch panel supplier list for iPad 2 in addition to current suppliers Wintek, Sintek Photronics and TPK Touch Solutions due to expanding market for the tablet PCs, according to industry sources,” Susie Pan and Steve Shen report for DigiTimes.

“Apple’s orders of iPad 2 are expected to top six million units a month compared to a volume of four million units a quarter for the current version, pushing Apple to expand the number of touch panel suppliers, the sources noted,” Pan and Shen report.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple must be planning some ridiculously low price points for iPad 2!


  1. Being a custom home builder in California, times are tough. But I have saved up for v2, can’t wait to load past job slide shows and bring this baby to client meetings, have plans at hand and, and……


  2. There is going to have to lower entry price point for Apple to put up those kind of numbers. 6 million a month is almost 3 times what the are selling now. That is more per month than the iphone. I just can not see there being that much demand at the current price point. It is a “magical device,” but there is a limit on home many people have $500 on something they don’t need. That being said, I will buy 2 on launch day, so maybe my argument is dumb.

  3. Considering the number of next-gen iPad “reports” and “leaks” over the last few months, I’ve a sneaky feeling it’s a sophisticated anti-Apple campaign to dampen holiday sales of the current iPad version – although the lack of a response from Apple seems to indicate that the campaign is not succeeding.

  4. @Abdullah,

    Come on, dude. How many people keep track of stuff like this? You think a lot of folks are reading up on iPad touch panel supplier news from DigiTimes? Lol.

    All the average person knows is that they want an iPad and they want it now.

  5. @Jax44
    I am a contractor like you. And I have transitioned from a large briefcase to a clipboard that is the lid to a 1″ deep storage compartment underneath. I carry my iPad in there along with blank forms, contracts, brochures, etc. The iPad is great. I have made 15 to 20 different photo albums for any topic of discussion that may come up and with pinch to zoom, there is nothing but the highest level of communication between me and my prospective clients. I also like using a PDF reader like Good Reader. Then I scan into PDF format all the relevant documents, brochures, and anything else I would like to have with me. I bookmark the browser with all relevant websites including my website and online reviews of my company. The email is a dream and you can send your customer any photos etc. with a couple of flicks of the finger. Trust me, you will impress your client and get the job.

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