Apple, EMC, Microsoft, and Oracle jointly acquire 882 Novell patents

“Twitter user @VM_gville (whose account has meanwhile disappeared) pointed me to the website of the German federal antitrust authority (‘Bundeskartellamt’), which discloses a merger (or more precisely, joint venture) notification filed a week ago (on 09 December 2010), according to which the four companies behind CPTN Holdings LLC — the acquirer of 882 Novell patents — are Microsoft, Apple, EMC, and Oracle,” Florian Mueller reports for FOSS Patents. “The product market in which the newly formed company plans to operate is defined as ‘patents.'”

“Three weeks ago I already commented on the recent announcement of Attachmate acquiring Novell and the sale of 882 Novell patents, in exchange for $450 million, to CPTN Holdings LLC,” Mueller reports. “At the time, the full list of CPTN Holdings LLC partners was not known. The entity was described as a ‘consortium organized by Microsoft.'”

Mueller reports, “Within the consortium, the four players will have to agree on a common denominator concerning the patents to be acquired. They’ve apparently been able to agree that those patents are valuable assets to own. I still don’t know the list of those patents, but it’s important progress that we now have the names of the companies, thanks to the German competition authority.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “James W.” for the heads up.]


  1. they found enough value in the Novell’s 822 patents that they are willing to align their interest temporary and work together. Not bad…
    One more thing… Did MSFT actually organized the consortium???

  2. Oracle and Microsoft in the same room together is hard enough to believe, but cooperating on patents, that is really unbelievable! Apple could have bought the whole mess for pocket change, why get into bed with the others? There is more here than meets the eye.

  3. I’m commenting here because MDN is censoring the Zuckerpuke feed. BIG difference between Jobs & Zuckerpuke (except in Zucker’s own mind): World WOULD be a different place without Jobs. NO ONE would know the difference without the Schmuckberg…

  4. @Amazin1,

    MSFT, ORCL too could have bought those patents outright as well. However, keeping your ‘nemesis’ near to keep the real threat (Google) from Monopolizing the Net.

    If MSFT is smart they will build Apps… for all OSs then they will be back to their roots.

    In any case, sharing patents between these companies will ultimately SAVE on all the time and money wasted on attorneys and delaying products because of patents holders.

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