iOS web browser webout 1.1.1 streams HTML5 video to Apple TV via AirPlay

Apple Online StoreiOS web browser webout lets you display a website on a TV, projector or monitor from your iPad or iPhone with minimal settings to configure and ease-of-use in mind. Plug in your VGA adapter any time to activate the screen mirroring, tap on the action button to choose a way to get your web ‘out’, or rotate the device to see in landscape.

And, now, with the release of version 1.1.1, webout can also find HTML5 videos on most webpages and stream them on to your 2G Apple TV.

The app’s developer Alan Zeino notes, “Stream HTML5 video to Apple TV with AirPlay. Safari will only stream audio via AirPlay, but webout can stream video as well in this update. For most videos, just tap play on the video within the page, then activate the stream via the action menu. It’s a little spotty on the iPhone since a lot of websites deliver video to your device not inline for the smaller display, but it works great on the iPad. Requires 4.2, a device that supports multitasking and the latest OS version on your Apple TV.”

More info and download link (US$0.99) here.

[Attribution: iPodNN. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]


  1. From skipping the article is sounds like you can only send the videos via airplay. I wonder if you’ll be able to send the whole webpage via airplay? I suppose the content is right in front of you but if you wanted to share it with people around you it’d be nice to toss it up on the big screen

  2. The comments at seam to imply this browser doesn’t work with all HTML5 video. They do say it works with the real-time video streams at, which is a pretty cool way to watch live TV.

    I think the most exciting thing about this App is it shows Apple is willing to approve 3rd party apps with AirPlay!

    I thought i would have to wait a while before Plex or AirVideo would support AirPlay, but if Apple just approved this app, then I’m hopeful Apple will approve many other apps with AirPlay support.

    Bring on the AirPlay!

  3. This app would be nicer if it played videos reliably.

    There are lots of “No content was found” and “An error occurred loading this content.”

    We also find that the video will play once, then produces a “doesn’t seem to be a video” error the second time around until the page is manually reloaded using the “Go” key on the keyboard. It found it the first time.

    There should be a “reload” button. And, perhaps there is a more effective method of getting the videos started when they do work, and distinguishing those that will not so that we don’t have to tie up the Apple TV with error messages.

  4. It is people like you that bring wonders to this life.

    Le me explain it to you hoping you’ll get it…. Somehow.

    It doesn’t sound like. It only streams audio and video. Apple TV will pass the stream to the display, a TV, and TV knows how and does display the stream.

    Displaying web pages is a craft of web browsers that render the HTML. If you want to display the iPad/iPod/iPhone screen on a TV there are devices and hardware that you usually attach to the iPad/iPod/iPhone for that purpose.

    Keep wondering you skipy.

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