Computer makers see surging demand for all-in-ones; Apple leads (as usual)

Apple Online StoreMax Wang and Yvonne Yu report for DigiTimes that all-in-one PC makers have recently started to increase orders and component makers “are expected to benefit from the surging demand for all-in-one PCs, according to the suppliers.”

“Industry sources indicated that Apple is the leading vendor of all-in-one PCs, accounting for almost 40% of the total market in 2010,” Wang and Yu report. “The all-in-one PC market is expected to reach around 10 million units in 2010, and 12-14 million units in 2011, the industry sources noted.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Time for a mock turtleneck-free blast from the past (May 6, 1998)!


  1. Want a good laugh, go to Before end of day Thursday 12/16/2010 and click on weekly adds.

    Use Postal Code L1J 7E2, flip through till you see the iMac adds.

    On the opposite side of the iMac page is an HP all in one and Bestbuy\HP are claiming the HP has all the unique features of the iMac plus a touch screen for less money.

    So if they are unique features how can another computer have them? not to mention HP as good as the iMac?

  2. I bought 2 of them for my boys that year. Still have them in the basement because I can’t dream of getting rid of them even though they are no longer used. It was their first computers. The youngest went to school to get his IT degree and worked at the Apple store as a Genius for a while and works with Macs and PCs in his job today. They were a good starter computer that only needed Apple Stores and more games at that time. How time changed a lot along with the world’s larges collection of apps that will soon come from the iPad to the Mac app store.

  3. Oh clueless Jeff. This was recorder a long time ago. That first generation of iMacs adopted the USB and dropped the floppy before any of the other box makers picked up the features. I think Apple also dropped the SCSI and went with Firewire too.

    It was way ahead of the times and HP too.

  4. The hockey puck mouse was great.

    If you were eight years old. Not so much for adults with adult-size hands. One wonders who the engineer in charge of mouse development, and how small their hands.

    On the other hand, we had a batch that we used at work for the better part of five or six years, with a matching-colored plastic shell that extended the size to something more usual. None of them ever failed, and ended up being replaced when we got newer machines with other mice a couple generations down the road.

  5. Yeah I brought the Graphite model of the iMac (400 Mhz?) for my daughter for college many years ago and then in 2008 bought her a Mac Book to replace it. I recently replaced the hard drive in the MB with an SSD drive and wow, like a new machine. Hard drives have to go! (SSD drives also need to come WAY down in price.)

  6. Why is it that I am clueless? I am just pointing out a stupid add that is trying to say an inferior HP has all the features of an iMac (I have a lovely 27″ Core i7 2010 iMac myself). If I was Apple I would pull all my products from Bestbuy in protest of this false advertising.

    Buy the way I am fully aware of Apple’s history my first real computer was an Apple IIc purchased the day they became available in Canada. I also have an iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, and a Macbook Pro.

  7. It’s almost scary to look at Steve Jobs now compared to how he used to look. Now he looks like a walking corpse and he’s only in his early 50’s.

    I really enjoy my 2009 24″ iMac. I bought it as a refurb with AppleCare from Apple online and it looked as if new. It’s been running 24/7 since I bought it and I can’t ask for anything more than that. I only reboot it for OSX updates. It runs cool in the summertime and never gives any problems. I only wish I could easily upgrade the internal hard drive, but other than that it’s perfect for me.

  8. Wow. What a blast from the past.
    But, It looks so klunky compared to today’s Macs. Although it’s funny… and more than a little mind-boggling… how many PCs look very similar to the photo Jobs showed 13 years ago!!!

    I just remembered the firestorm in the press and web sites over the “missing” floppy drive. Apple was then, and remains the only computer company with the vision and guts to kill and replace inefficient technologies.

  9. @Micro Me and Steve Hix,
    I agree. That hockey puck mouse has to rank among the worst products Apple has ever made. It’s replacement – the Apple Pro mouse (the one where the entire mouse functions as a button) – that came with my Cube is still my favorite.

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