Toshiba and Apple to build $1.2 billion Retina display factory

Apple Store“Toshiba Corp will spend about 100 billion yen ($1.19 billion) to build a factory for making small LCD panels, mainly to supply to Apple Inc’s iPhones, the Nikkei business daily said,” NR Sethuraman reports for Reuters.

“The company’s wholly owned unit, Toshiba Mobile Display Co, will construct the facility in Ishikawa prefecture and the plant will churn out low-temperature polysilicon LCD panels, which allow for high-resolution images, the paper said, ” Sethuraman reports. “Apple will invest in a portion of the investment for the factory, the Nikkei said.”

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  1. Apple builds the factory for Toshina, in exchange for the exclusive discounted pricing and manufacturing of Retina displays by Toshiba. Not a bad investment that will pass savings along to consumers and give Apple an unbeatable cost advantage over any possible competition.

    Expect all Apple products to utilize the Retina display in the future.

  2. Some feel the retina display won’t be easy to migrate to the iPad because of the heavy graphics processing needed to drive such a large panel, not to mention the difficulty of creating applications that take advantage of that resolution, and the hit to battery life. Even the laptops don’t have that kind of resolution.

    I’m sure we’ll get there someday, but maybe not in version 2. Or for that price.

  3. It will be a few years before even Apple can offer a 300+ PPI (pixels per inch) display at a 10-inch size. That’s more total pixels than the current 27-inch iMac and 27-inch Cinema Display (which are “only” about 110 PPI). Not only would such a display, if it existed today, be too expensive for a $500 product (probably even for a $1000 product), but the “horsepower” needed to push around that many pixels would not fit into an iPad. It probably will in a few year, just not in 2011 or 2012.

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