Nike stores market iPod-free Nike+ solutions

Apple Store“After years of touting the tight integration between the Nike + iPod Sport Kit and various iPod nano models, Nike has taken a surprising and seemingly anti-iPod position in its holiday marketing of a new Nike+ product,” Charles Starrett reports for iLounge.

“Touting ‘the freedom of running without music,’ new Nike signage brings shoppers’ attention to the Nike+ SportBand, an iPod-less wristband solution that tracks distance, pace, time, and calories burned using a USB-ready dongle rather than the iPod nano,” Starrett reports.

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  1. They’re not bypassing Apple at all. This move is likely aimed at those who can’t use music during runs – many marathons prohibit you from listening to music while running. I saw an article this summer about a woman who was disqualified because she put her earbuds in about halfway through her marathon. I don’t get why it is such a bad thing, but there you go.

    And maybe people want to track their runs without the expense of an iPod nano (the SportBand’s only $59).

  2. Not really news. They have been selling these for a while. I guess they are quit good for those that don’t want to carry an iPhone around with them.

    Let’s not also forget that with the iPhone 4 other manufacturers such as addidas have been able to produce similar apps, meaning the tie up was mo longer exclusive. If apple aren’t being monotonous, you can hardly expect it if Nike?

    An apple fan ( who uses the Nike+ app)

  3. tell me again… how do I remove the useless Nike app from my iphone?

    that was THE worst pedometer app ever… out of frustration I bought a garmin watch to replace it

  4. After switching to vibram five finger shoes, I find it very uncomfortable to run in traditional running shoes. Certainly, I started getting faster and stronger running near barefoot. The first week or two was tough resulting in sore muscles, but I’ve never looked back.

    Plus, nikes look like shit nowadays… The designs tend to be way over the top.

    It’s pretty curious you can’t run with music in a marathon… Wonder why?

  5. Because music would be like practicing the piano with a metronome. It could allow you to artificially establish a pace and rhythm, and potentially enhance your performance.

  6. @ Darkness

    That’s not a good analogy. When you practice piano with a metronome, you are setting the metronome tempo to match the music. When you run with music, there is no way to actively set the “tempo” of the music to match your running pace. In fact, it could even hurt your performance if you are subconsciously adjusting your running “tempo” whenever a song is close to, but not exactly at your optimal running pace. Also, your running “beat” varies depending on the situation (such as taking a hill versus a long flat stretch versus “the last mile”), so it would not even be a good idea to have something that audibly keep a steady pace for you.

    But music does help when running. Unlike some other sports, distance running can be a bit boring for a typical runner. Although I have yet to run a marathon, at my usual pace, I think it would take me about FOUR hours to complete 26 miles. My mind needs the type of “distraction” provided by music to get through four hours (or even one hour) of continuous running, or it would be a bit tortuous. Now, for the very best runners, they are cruising along about twice as fast as me, so I’m sure it is very exciting, and they need to pay close attention to what they are doing (or risk a serious injury). If I ran THAT fast, I would not be wearing earbuds… ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

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