Apple’s adds playlist creation, publishing to iTunes’ Ping

Apple Store“iTunes has quietly added playlist creation to its Ping social service, allowing users to import an existing playlist from the iTunes or create a new one on the spot, and share it with friends and strangers,” MacNN reports.

“Playlist creators can opt to allow friends to add songs to the playlist, and the list remains open for the originator to edit, add to or re-order,” MacNN reports. “Any song available on the iTunes store can be used as part of a playlist.”

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  1. Apple re-invents the playlist™

    But srsly, I actually might use this as a way to recommend songs to some friends. I find that every now and then I’ll send them an e-mail with 7-8 songs they might want to check out (or have friends send me that). I haven’t tried this, but it might be easy way to go through my iTunes library and pick out a few songs to recommend.

  2. Ping will continue to fail as long as it only supports songs that can be purchased within iTunes. I listen mainly to UK pop and top 40 from other European countries – much different than US radio, so in many ways iTunes has always been useless for me.

    LastFM is and will always be light years ahead of Ping unless Ping separates itself from iTunes.

  3. I had incorrectly mentioned once that Ping allows you to rate, comment, post on music and artists anonymously. Not true. You can change the username, but then your credit card no longer works. Apple won’t let you create a pseudonym either. I mean, who wants to publish an honest comment about how they really feel on something as personal as musical taste to the entire world (teenaged girls may not answer that question)?

    Unless Ping is targeted towards the MySpace crowd, it’s a fail. Someone once mentioned that Apple doesn’t get social, so very bloody true. Here they are sitting with hundreds of millions of iTunes users and have no clue how to afford them a social environment to communicate with. Heck, we communicate better on MDN, get a clue Apple.

  4. Anyone know an easy way to transfer iTunes from my daughters old Macbook (pre-intel) (iTunes 9) to her university approved non-Mac computer capable of using iTunes 10? I gave her my 3g iPod Touch when I got my new one and she can’t use it on iTunes 9. Thanks in advance.

  5. @ Uncle Fester’s Cousin

    Yes. Really. Ping is a closed environment. I can’t suggest tracks or recommend songs to friends unless they’re available in the iTunes U.S. store. It’s only “social” for what iTunes sells in your own country. It’s useless in a “world” of music.

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