TIME Mag names Apple iPad ‘Top Gadget of the Year’ with MacBook Air #3, iPhone 4 #6 and Apple TV #7

TIME Magazine’s Top 10 Gadgets for 2010 List has Apple’s revolutionary iPad firmly in #1 position.

Also on the list is Apple’s 11-In. MacBook Air (#3), Apple’s iPhone 4 (#6) and Apple TV (#7).

Unfortunately, TIME also lists some real duds, making the list less than a ringing endorsement and more a randowm crapshoot. Hey, at least they got 4 og them right!

The widely-panned “Google TV Via Logitech Revue” at #4, TIME? The total flop “Google Nexus One” at #5? Seriously?

Full list here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “krquet” for the heads up.]


  1. @Fedup
    That certainly explains the troll behavior

    I’m sure TIME had to at least appear unbiased in producing this list. This unfortunately has the effect of putting lies before truth. Seems to happen alot in journalism these days..

  2. Objectively no other phone belongs in the top 10. The Android ones are merely copies of the iPhone, and clearly do not surpass it.

    I’m guessing the inclusion of the me-too (and unprofitable) Google items was felt necessary by Time’s editors to keep from appearing to be Apple fanboys.

    But sometimes reality is one-sided. Sometimes the truth is a fanboy.

  3. The Time Mag list is clearly a committee creation. It contains both sane and utterly insane gadgets.

    #1 iPad = massive DUH factor.

    #2 Samsung Galaxy S = massive WTF?! factor.
    Who the hell would put any iPad ripoff device into any list other than ‘Tech Jokes of the Year’. Seriously. Even Google, who made the OS, warned the world that this was going to be a total POS, and it is. So Time makes it #2.

    Brain death imminent.

    But ‘brain dead’ has been a national fad since 2000.

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