New leaks hint next-gen iPad gets dual cameras, higher-res LCD, SD Card slot

ZAGG Deal!“Four sources today slipped details of what’s expected to appear in the next iPad. Supporting case leaks, one mentioned that it would have dual cameras,” Electronista reports. “Two told Reuters that Genius Electronic Optical and Largan Precision had newly secured camera contracts with Apple likely attached to the project, although they couldn’t directly link the work to the new iPad.”

“Another insider also backed claims that the revamp would have a higher resolution display, although it wasn’t said how sharp this would be,” Electronista reports. “To mimic the resolution increase from the iPhone 4, Apple would need a 2048×1536 display that hasn’t been seen so far. Wintek has been named as the supplier for the touchscreen controller and has been involved with most Apple touchscreen devices in the past.”

Electronista reports, “The design would also be thinner and more importantly lighter, the same contact for the display leak said… Extra part listings at Kodawarisan have alluded to an SD card slot and shown a space in third-party cases for one just behind the usual speaker area.”

More, including a photo of what’s claimed to be third-party cases for Appe’s next-gen iPad, here.


  1. I don’t care about cameras (although face time sounds nice) I don’t care about the sd card (although that does sound cool) heck I hardly care about printing

    give us a windowing system
    give us document based apps
    and most of all:

  2. I’ve said again and again that the front facing camera is superfluous to me. The SD slot is as well since I bought the USB & SD adapters.

    What would make me consider upgrading would be a retina display and maybe a better speaker as I mostly use the iPad as a content delivery device. Extra RAM would be nice, too.

  3. @Sarasota: Those may be your needs, but let me tell you, with the addition of facetime cameras, an SD card slot, and maybe a little lighter and a little better display, and sales of the iPad will go into overdrive.

    There are a lot of people like me who are sitting patiently waiting for the above features. If you don’t need those features, then feel free to continue to enjoy iPad version 1.

  4. “I want a Facetime camera that makes me look better.”

    Reminds me of the joke about the grandmother showing off her grandchild. “Ooo, isn’t he precious,” says one friend. The grandmother responds, “You should see his picture.”

    As to the next iPad, I await it with anticipation. But I wonder how many, given all the leaks, will defer purchase until its appearance, thereby depressing current sales. It may give competitors a false sense of confidence. But if it depresses stock prices in the meantime, that might be a nice buying opportunity.

  5. No way these rumours have any basis in reality.

    Ok, Apple might do this, nobody knows for certain what iPad 2 will end up being. But I find it highly unlikely that Apple would add both a front and rear facing camera and an SD card slot, while at the same time they are under the gun to make the iPad much, much lighter.

    As it is, the iPad is way too heavy and too thick.

    So no SD card slot. Maybe cameras, but the iPad is so awkward to hold a rear facing camera would seem only useful to just a handful of people: I don’t think most consumers would be taking too many pictures with the iPad. Front facing camera would be more understandable.

    I see a slightly different design, more rounded corners, a bit thinner. Maybe they might use some kind of composite material instead of the ugly, cold aluminum. This way they could get a better feel in the hand. Lighter as well since they can now use the 30% lighter touchscreens and maybe they’ll be able to make their battery chemistry lighter as well. Both of these latter components make up much of the weight of the iPad.

    I also see a higher res screen. The current iPad’s screen has washed out colors and is pixelated. Compared to iPhone 4, it’s bad. They could increase the res slightly.

    I think if they can get it down to 1.25 lbs as well it will be way more manageable. As it is, it’s big, awkward and heavy. People will be able to handle something a tad awkward like the iPad if it’s light enough.

  6. I want stereo speakers ! The audio sounds great but would be fantastic if there was a 2nd speaker on the left side when in landscape orientation. I suppose it would be awkward for portrait mode but I hardly use it like that.

  7. The only 3 improvements that matter:
    – More RAM (this will happen, the iPhone 4 has more RAM)
    – Facetime Camera (a given)
    – Lighter

    I personally would like to have a 128 GB storage option, but an SD card slot would cure that and would also allow on-the-go photographers to upload their shots without the need for the adapter.

    The one and only complaint I have heard from iPad owners is, “it’s too heavy when you use it as an E-Reader or reading news.” Since the iPad will be the new Newspaper, the iPad needs to get lighter above all else.

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