Adobe Technical Evangelist confident that new Flash version means Apple ‘won’t mess with us again’

The Return of Black Friday Blowout JMP Securities analyst Pat Walravens got a preview of some of Adobe Falsh’s new features which are expected to roll out the first half of 2011,” Wendy Tanaka blogs for Forbes.

Here’s Walravens’ take:

Given the issues between Adobe and Apple over the past year, investors may wonder if Apple will really allow the cross-compiled applications from the new Flash Builder onto the iTunes App Store or whether Apple will find some new way to disrupt Adobe’s plans. After the presentation, we asked [James Ward, Adobe Technical Evangelist] if he thought Apple “would mess with” Adobe again. Ward responded “I don’t think so. We are putting a lot of resources into it, so we are pretty confident they won’t mess with us again.” That being said, he added the caveat that only Apple knows what Apple will do…

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The problem isn’t Apple, the problem is that Adobe’s Flash, when it isn’t draining batteries or introducing security flaws or crashing rather routinely, is a development crutch that creates common denominator apps that fail to take advantage of each operating systems’ unique capabilities. We don’t need more lazy developers looking for one-click app excretion. We need to encourage real developers to write software that uses each OS’s unique hooks to their full capabilities in order to deliver the best possible experiences to users.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Really? Why don’t you ask the new goggles’ chrome users how is flash working form them? Brand New and shinny new version of flash fro chrome make look Youtube as Power Point presentations.

  2. Safari use to hang and crash on me all the time. About 4 months ago I installed Click to Flash so that I have control over what I see and how my resources are used. Since then I’ve not had a single Safari crash and my system hasn’t hanged because of all the flash ads that constantly use more and more of my RAM.

  3. “…he added the caveat that only Apple knows what Apple will do…”

    While that is true, Apple has some very predictable behaviors. One is that they will emphasize user experience. Two is that they will not be afraid to dump technologies that are no longer useful. Three, they will embrace movement to new, superior technologies even if it makes some consumers unhappy.

    So, if the new version of flash is still a piece of shit, Apple will continue to let it be supported on iOS devices. It is pretty simple.

  4. Why doesn’t Adobe just fix the damn problems instead of blaming Apple.

    Even in the latest Google demo tablet there are STILL severe Flash problems. And this is after a year of showing it to Apple for possible inclusion into the iPad.

    Just imagine how badly Flash for mobile sucked a year ago.

  5. Flash is obsolete, dead technology. The fact it is very commonly used does not change that fact. Apple has a long history of skating to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been back in the 1990’s.

  6. Adobe is posturing, pure and simple.

    If this article comes across Steve’s desk, you can be damn sure he’ll dig his heels in even further to prohibit Flash on any Apple mobile device. Ever.

    Adobe just shot themselves in the foot. Again.

  7. @DRMSSB
    “So, if the new version of flash is still a piece of shit, Apple will continue to let it be supported on iOS devices.”

    Would you like to re-read and correct this sentence in your entry? The way it reads now doesn’t make sense.

  8. Read my text asswipes. The turd which calls itself Flash is forever flushed down the commode with the rest of the feces and afterbirth. It’s floating in the Hussein National Sewer Plant in Chicago Illinois, an organized community! LOL!

  9. Adobe’s Technical Evangelist also should feel “pretty sure that some end-users won’t be installing Adobe Flash crapware on our iOS devices…” at least not until the company proves the Apps are stable, reliable and power miserly.

    Oh, and by the way, fix Flash on the Mac! Jeez! Why does it still crash ten times a day? How are we supposed to believe that Flash on iOS is gonna’ work if Adobe cannot even get it working properly on a full-blown computer?

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