RUMOR: Next-gen iPad case shows rear camera placement, new curves

ZAGG Deal!“Shenzhen MacTop Electronics, a Chinese manufacturer, is now offering what it claims is a case for the second-generation iPad,” Charles Starrett reports for iLounge. “Dubbed the ‘Crystal Case for iPad 2nd Generation,’ the case appears to have different, slimmer contours than the first-generation model, with the speaker opening unusually large on the back, and a hole for a rear-facing camera in the upper left-hand corner, similar to its position on the iPhone and fourth-generation iPod touch.”

Starrett reports, “Apple has yet to announce or even acknowledge the existence of a second-generation iPad, although recent rumors have pegged the device’s release as coming within the next 100 days.”

Full article, with photo of the case and an update regarding a second case, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Andrew W.” for the heads up.]


  1. I highly doubt Apple will put a camera on the back of a 10″ device. How stupid are you going to look holding up the largest camera in the world? Front cam fine, but a back cam is nonsensical.

  2. Oh it’s just probably a scam by some Chinese manufacturer…
    1) why would any one buy a cover for iPad 2 when officially specs and design have not been confirmed…
    2) sure people are dying for ipad2 cover 4 months in advance :p

    Gotta give “a” for effort :p

  3. @KenC,

    I can see many reason’s for a camera on the back, mostly business. If you are an insurance adjuster to take images, a real estate broker, medical profession …

  4. This most likely is a scam by the vendor. Advertise the cover, get a ton of inbound links, get higher Google rankings, sell a modified cover when it comes out…or not, just sell whatever based on the increased inbound traffic.

    Photoshop isn’t that hard.

    That being said, I could easily see a rear-facing camera in addition to the front.
    1) Facetime – to show where you are
    2) Augmented reality apps
    3) Yes, as an actual camera. What exactly is wrong with that? There are plenty of times when I have my iPad and something comes up where I want to take a picture…why should I go get my iPhone when I have the iPad right there in my hands?

  5. @KenC

    I for one am hoping for a HQ rear facing camera and could care less about a front facing camera. There are so many useful apps that are useless without a rear camera. I, and many others, have little interest in making video calls.

  6. @ KenC.

    It’s less nonsensical than when people turn their Macbooks around to take a picture of something using Photobooth. I see people do it all the time to quickly send a picture of something. The iPad is certainly smaller than say, a Linhoff. Is it really more practical to carry two devices instead of one just so they don’t look like they’re using, as you put it, “the world’s biggest camera”? Don’t be silly. If it’s there people will use it.

  7. Instead of front and rear facing cameras, what would be nice is front and forward facing. The forward one close to the edge so when the pad is held in a comfortable position (30º), the forward facing one is horizontal, showing the view directly in front of the user. If those Apple engineers are crafty enough, they could even make the angle of the forward one changeable. Hell, just put cameras on all sides, mount the iPad on a Prius and boom, street views.

  8. that weird opening seems to be like the usb etc. latch on the first MBA…

    two cams is dope. ARA’s, facetime, scanning TV remote? huh? i dont know just thought it up.

    All i know is round 2 is going to push hard ahead. way beyond the rim of this galaxy…he he he

  9. @KenC: Not to mention a rear camera works really well in facetime devices to flip the camera to show viewers what you are looking at without having to physically (and clumsily) spin the device around.

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