Nonprofits irritated over Apple’s ‘ban’ on making donations via iPhone apps

ZAGG Deal!“The nonprofit world is stewing over the ban Apple has put on making donations on the iPhone via charity apps,” Stephanie Strom reports for The New York Times.

MacDailyNews Take: Blah, blah, blah… Before we get too “irritated,” let’s just skip down to wherever the lede is buried and find out what’s really going on. Um, okay, here:

Strom reports, “Others acknowledge that allowing donations through apps might present challenges. ‘One of Apple’s major objections has been that if donations were to go through its payment mechanism, it would have to be in the business of managing and distributing funds and verifying charities as well,’ said Jake Shapiro, executive director of Public Radio Exchange, or PRX, an online nonprofit marketplace for licensing and distributing public radio programming.”

Full article, with paragraphs of cloying whining, here.

MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, Apple is right to decline to manage, verify, and distribute funds for charities. Sheesh, some people will find something to whine about no matter what.


  1. It’s about Wikileaks. Google “wikileaks mastercard visa donations” if you want to learn about why this happened all of a sudden. It’s a cyberwar between the open-source hippy crowd and the freshly Republican legislature, among other things.

  2. Tempest meet teapot. Teapot, say, “Hello” to tempest.

    Currently charities are hurting because of the economic climate. So they try every avenue for fund-raising. This one didn’t work; time to move on to the next.

    I prefer to make nearly all of of my donations anonymously (A Kantian ethic? Nah…); an app using my credit card prevents that. Even if Apple allowed it, I wouldn’t use it.

  3. Way too much whining going on here and expecially in the article.

    The author whined about how Apple gets 30 percent of sales and gee , isn’t that just terrible if it were a non profit company…. WTF

    People keep forgetting that Apple is NOT a world government, its a company, it sells things, insanely great things (could not help that part… LOL).

    PS,, No chance for input on the referenced article page. MDN,, PLEASE…. notify us if NO comments are allowed in article. I usually do not want to read an article (blow hard piece of Cr*p) if comments are not allowed.

    Just a thought,

    Happy Friday.

  4. Wait a minute… I’m a fanboy, but can’t the most profitable company on the planet take a little extra computing power to help charities in an environment where politicians trying to eliminate tax deductions for charity?

    Apple spends a lot of resources censoring what we CAN use on our iphones, why not spend a little to do something GOOD?

    There was an earlier suggestion that it be done through Paypal… FAIL… Paypal had an app for that and Apple forced them to end it.

    This is the kind of thing that starts the old “apple is getting evil” talk… and you can see why…


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