Costco confirms plans to phase out all Apple products after Apple banned online sales

ZAGG Deal!“Costco is ultimately phasing out all Apple products from its stores, the company’s CFO has announced,” iPodNN reports.

“Richard Galanti described the plan as a mutual agreement,” iPodNN reports. “The only cited reason is online sales; Galanti notes that Apple was forbidding Costco from selling products online, unlike other some other third-party vendors.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]


  1. costco is such a crock of shit company.

    other than buying in bulk- you really don’t get that much of a deal. throw in their membership fee and you have to buy a shit ton just to break even.

    only jack asses shop there. the only fun i’ve had there is when people abandon their carts to get a toothpick full of toaster oven cooked sausage in the middle of the aisle. I move their carts to a random aisle… so hilarious to see their confused faces while holding an empty toothpick.

  2. I shop at Costco because I like the experience. Sounds a little like why I own a Mac.

    Even though, I am an Apple fan, I don’t worship the ground Stevie boy walks on. He actually can be rather annoying. And, likewise, Apple can be rather anal at times.

    MDN magic word: deal

  3. You may or may not like Costco but I would much rather shop there then at Sam’s Club or Walmart and that’s where the iPad is going.

    Besides, Costco has THE best samples! Great place for a cheap date.

  4. actually i’m a yuppie! a wealthy one at that… but if you want ot picture me as a broke down white trash hiller so you don;t have to look at yourself.. so be it ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” /> whatever floats your boat.

    let’s break costco down-

    – lots of ignorant oblivious d bags who will leave their megacarts in the aisle with abandon and no regard for the traffic jam they cause.
    – by far their clientele is vastly overweight- looks like a bad night at the new york new york casino in vegas. and they all love that they can buy junk food in bulk by the looks of their cart contents.
    – good thing they can buy a crate of toilet paper with it (see above)
    – they always stop for their $1 hot dog (see above above)
    – they gladly pay their membership fee thinking they are getting some kind of deal.
    – they waddle their megacarts to their minivans and pack em full before jetting off to their underwater mcmansion in whatever far flung burb.

    it’s just pure excess… but in a sad way. i laugh at it.. and if i find some entertainment in repaying their oblivious inconsideration of leaving a cart in front of me.. so what? next time be considerate.

  5. “you really don’t get that much of a deal.”

    Huh? Albacore tuna, in 40% larger cans (7oz. vs. 5oz. at the grocery store) for $1.50/can, prime beef for under $15/lb… Basmati rice for $1/pound instead of $6/pound…

    Costco’s great.

    No biggie on them not carrying Apple though, I like the Apple stores better for that.

  6. I love Costco and I love Apple. I don’t think Apple products belong at Costco because Apple will not let Costco do its thing.

    When Costco is working is when they are able to use their buying power and relatively low overhead to get a good price from the supplier and pass that price on to the consumer with a fairly modest (20%) mark up. I noticed this was not working for them with Apple products. That is not a surprise.

    So I think they are correct to drop Apple products. At least at the Apple Store the price for a product comes with excellent support and service.

  7. Next to the Apple store Costco is the best retail experience in america. It is short sighted to not allow apple products in their store, could it be the fact that Costco doubles the warranty on electronic equipment or the 90 day no questions asked return policy that is giving Apple heartburn? If given the opportunity I would purchase all my Apple products from Costco

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