Apple hiring iPhone engineers who can work with Verizon’s network

ZAGG Deal!“Apple is seeking engineers familiar with the wireless technology used by Verizon, in yet another sign Apple will build a smartphone for the U.S. wireless carrier,” Brian Caulfield reports for Forbes.

“To offer a phone that works on Verizon network, Apple will have to build a phone based on a different wireless standard than the iPhone uses now,” Caulfield reports. “And to do that Apple has to hire engineers who know their way around CDMA.”

Caulfield reports, “A quick check of Apple’s full-time iPhone engineering job listings shows 10 postings for full-time jobs at the Cupertino, California-based company that seek knowledge of CDMA.”

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  1. Hold your horses, Verizon haters. This is most likely in addition to the current staff on hand. There’s nothing that says Apple can’t make a CDMA iPhone without these hirees.

    Look at what the listing specifically asks for:

    “Cellular Systems Perf Engineer familiar with GSM, GPSRS, EDGE, WCDMA, HSDPA, HSUPA, CDMA, etc.”

    Now, who’s to say that the engineers who built the first iPhone (and subsequent hires since then) are completely clueless about CDMA? Just because Apple may not have mentiond “CDMA” in any previous job listings doesn’t mean they don’t currently have guys on hand who can get the job done. That team may simply be in need of an expansion.

  2. R2

    Those engineers who worked on the original iPhone to current might capable to build one but this specifically is now asking for credentials in CDMA signal. Plus it makes more sense to have Apple with a separate group of engineers to tackle the process and not mix it with different standard.

    This what we all have been saying 2012 is when the exclusivity contract runs out(well except mdn they’ve been all about early 2011) AT&T has one year left to get their shit together and fix it’s network and expand it of they have any shot of renewal. But still even of the contract expires there still might not be a verizon iPhone. It tool two years of testing to get it right enough to get in the market. Now they have to deal with a new signal code and company. It will be interesting the next few months.

  3. For all “we” know. Apple may now be looking for 10 “MORE” CDMA engineers. Apple does not publicly post every job they are looking to fill. I’m pretty willing to bet Apple has had people working on, and indeed, has a working CDMA phone in the lab for quite a long time.

  4. “Dec 09, 10 – 04:30 pmComment from: _Bill_
    Or maybe 2012, when the AT&T contract expires.”

    Absolutely spot on, and by then Verizon won’t be using CDMA anymore, they’ll be using LTE.

    Funny how the slightest reference to something generates a flood of Verizon iPhone rumors without any consideration to ATT’s exclusive contract.


  5. I vaguely recall that another story has looked at Apple’s job listings to see whether they’ve been working on CDMA, before, and yes, there have been prior job listings, though not 10 job listings. At least a year ago.

  6. In the comments in your Forbes article, Gslusher, mentions Reliance in India and China Telecom using CDMA, but I would take that with a grain of salt, as I’m guessing that the vast majority of folks on those networks are not postpaid subscriptions, but prepaid.

    Far more interesting to Apple would be TD-SCDMA which is what China Mobile uses for 3G. They have something around 600M pre and postpaid subscribers.

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