Apple displaces Samsung on home turf with iPhone ‘mobile big bang’

ZAGG Deal!“Samsung and LG, the world’s two-largest handset makers after Nokia Oyj, can no longer count on home-field advantage as they play catch up in the fastest-growing segment of the $163 billion global industry,” Jun Yang and Seonjin Cha report for Bloomberg.

“The iPhone, available in Korea only through KT Corp. as opposed to all of the nation’s three wireless carriers for Samsung and LG, has sold about 1.6 million units since it went on sale in the country in November 2009, according to KT,” Yang and Cha report. “South Korea had about 4.52 million users of smartphones — devices that can be used to surf the Web, and play games and video — at the end of September, with a quarter of those being the iPhone, according to Nomura Holdings Inc. analyst Stanley Yang.”

Yang and Cha report, “The iPhone created a ‘mobile big bang’ by changing the way Koreans live and work, according to Digieco, a research division of KT, in a report last month… Samsung and LG, which are adopting Google’s Android, may have fallen behind in the smartphone market because of their external reliance on software, according to Peter Yu, a Seoul- based analyst at BNP Paribas SA. ‘The iPhone and smartphones in general are mostly about software content — it’s more of a cultural product,’ said Yu, who has a ‘reduce’ rating on LG. ‘When the iPhone was introduced, the Korean companies were in a state of denial, they underestimated the potential.'”

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  1. The ‘mobile big bang’ isn’t as loud as it could be. Apple just can’t get these devices made fast enough.

    Want to hear a mobile sonic boom? That is what will follow the release of the Verizon iPhone in the USA next month!

  2. Is anyone really seeing the all things Apple tsunami yet?
    • iPad can’t make them fast enough and FaceTime is coming soon
    • iPhone with Verizon and with more world wide carriers
    • AppleTV, I read was the 13th on the Christmas electronic list
    • Billion dollar server farm is on line and no one knows what Apple is up to with it.
    • Steve Jobs next “Just one more thing” coming in January 2011.

  3. A year ago, November, when the iPhone launched in Korea, there were only something like 600k smartphones in the country. In a year, the iPhone had sold over 1M. If they’re saying it’s now up to 1.6M, then that means the iPhone 4 launch has already sold about 600k, which matches the pre-order number.

    It really has been the smartphone Big Bang in South Korea, thanks to the iPhone.

  4. Not a big bang, but a crafty bang! The comet that is the iPhone swooped from space with a silent glide, leaving behind it a wedge shape trail that sucked the competition into a blackhole of oblivion that allowed gradually diminishing signals out giving the illusion that all is well with the devices until the signal disappears, leaving a Tsunami of head scratching from the competition asking, “What just happened then?”.

  5. Apple’s patents on iOS technologies is what will allow Apple to continue its dominance.

    Any handset manufacturer who didn’t start filing patent applications the day after Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone at MacWorld is going to have a hard time matching Apple.

    Apple knew very very well what patents mean in todays world with the PCT(patent cooperation treaty).

    It is the ONLY hard defense Apple has to competition.

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