RIM’s half-CEO Lazaridis’ tablet and smartphone ‘strategy’ makes Ballmer’s sound coherent

Complete your iPad experience with ZAGGmate!“Mike Lazaridis, co-chief executive of RIM, has pitched up at the All Things D:Mobilized conference and confused utterly everyone, including possibly himself,” Charles Arthur reports for The Guardian. “Sample headline from Gizmodo: ‘Can You Figure Out WTF RIM’s CEO Is Talking About?’ Or Engadget, whose liveblog of the event is strewn with ‘Mike didn’t really answer.'”

Arthur reports, “The ‘didn’t really answer’ interview is perplexing from the start. Lazaridis shows up with a – or possibly the – RIM PlayBook, its tablet that’s going to launch.. when’s it going to launch, Mike? ‘We’re tracking Q1.’ Right, so… sorry, does that mean you’re launching it then, or what? That people will be able to track their deliveries from then?”

Walt Mossberg: “But look, there’s a growing consensus that your OS is dated. When will this [QNX OS on the PlayBook] become the new OS?”

Lazaridis: “By focusing on the tablet market, we see it as a way of freeing where smartphones can go.”

Arthur asks, “WHAT??”

It gets much worse and quite comical. Read the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Stalling for time while praying for a buyout.

As we wrote back in August: RIM. Dead company walking.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “krquet” for the heads up.]


  1. Mo’ biggah, mo’ betta! Yeah, these guys are on to something. Make the Crackberry Playa like a big-ass Cadillac pimpmobile. Pimp it out with all kinds of gaudy crap. Oh, yeah, Flash it up, too. Gotsta have mah’ Flash! Yup. Bigger is better RIM. 17″ sounds about right to me. Crank ’em out fast. Spend your money now, RIM ’cause you just know you’re gonna beat those punks at Apple ’cause you invented the “smartphone” ans you know what customers want. This scenario just keeps getting better each day. And just wait ’till Verizon gets the iPhone. Oh, yeah…!

  2. I was using QNX (still have some install disks) to run industrial computers back in 1995. As I remember, it was pretty slick for its time with automatic serial device recognition, etc. I remember too that it was a Canadian company that sold it.

    Aside from that, I see nothing positive here. The sales guys are in charge [death knell in the background].

  3. Lazaridis should be a politician, he makes as much sense as most politicos and seems a master of the confused artful dodge. He even outdoes another confused and inept presentation/interview CEO subject, the bombastic and embarrassing Steve Ballmer.

  4. He doesn’t even know his products. He doesn’t even know the company direction. Doesn’t even know the OS dev progress. He reciting some canned marketing talking points for a released product that doesn’t exist. He clearly has zero idea of his own products and progress. Unlike Steve who truly make a point to “know” his company an the products they create. He makes the time to know and not just sit at his CEO chair collecting his pay and drooling at sales reports and stock performance only.

  5. It’s a good day to be an Apple Shareholder… RIMM stockholders better dump NOW or they inevitably have a WANG in their hands ……. UH I UM meant to sayba WANG on their hands… :-0

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  7. @Superior Being aka Inferior Smartass

    Sorry for the redundancy. In my excitement of realizing yet another delightful opportunity to debase and defoliate Steve Ballmer I neglected to notice a similar comment by MDN. Forgive my exuberance. Frankly I don’t think we can be smugly reminded enough of the incompetence of Ballmer and other clueless CEO salesmen of his lower class.

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