Verizon sales cool ahead of widely-anticipated Apple iPhone

Apple Online Store“Verizon’s impending first-quarter launch of the Apple iPhone is impeding fourth-quarter sales of the telco’s current supply of phones,” Scott Moritz reports for TheStreet. “‘Upgrades at Verizon have been steadily declining in anticipation of the iPhone,’ said mobile industry strategist Michael Cote, of the Cote Collaborative. A lot of Verizon subscribers have been letting their contracts expire without replacing their phones, he said.”

MacDailyNews Take: As we predicted this past June.

Moritz continues, “And while this has been a big trend at Verizon, it’s been gaining steam across the industry. ‘There’s been an increasing percentage of people that are holding off on new phone purchases at other carriers also,’ Cote said. If Apple has its way, the iPhone will be available at all the major U.S. carriers — Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon — early next year.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Uh, about that “all major U.S. carriers” thing: Analyst: Verizon iPhone ‘closer to reality’; Verizon may pay to keep iPhone off Sprint, T-Mobile. We’ll only know for sure if and when Apple makes the official announcement(s).


  1. Is it just me, or does the first quarter Verizon iPhone deal seem like one of those things where all the “journalists” are just quoting each other with little substantive evidence?

  2. The ‘iPhone on Verizon early 2011’ story has been reported by the WSJ, and when it’s reported there, we can believe it is not just a rumor.

    Hate to say that about anything Murdoch touches, but WSJ’s track record is sound.

  3. While this is a good story for Apple, Scott Moritz is a well-known FUD-spewer, who has manipulated Apple stock, mostly to the downside in the past. I think Cote Collaborative also strikes a bell. May have to google him to see what nonsense he’s been involved with.

  4. Arnold,

    WSJ had its share of reports on rumours before, especially about Apple, so I wouldn’t say the track record is exactly pristine.

    MDN folks are clearly unabashed fans of the iPhone on Verizon story, so they’ll happily pick anything from that rumour echo chamber and amplify it with their take.

    So far, no announcements have been made, which is to be expected. More importantly, however, no rumours, or news, have been reported about Apple negotiating early release from the 5-year exclusivity deal with AT&T. Verizon fans continue to passionately ignore that 5-year agreement as if it doesn’t exist. USA Today reported on it almost 4 years ago, and Apple’s lawyers confirmed it over 2 years ago. So far, nobody said anything about Apple extricating themselves out of it.

  5. Exclusivity: Was necessary with ATT to simply get the iPhone launched. 4 years later, should Apple continue limiting the iPhone to cherry-picked carriers I’d have to call “foul”. Apple doesn’t need the money a payoff from Verizon and/or ATT would provide. The PR damage isn’t worth it. And IMO, Apple needs to combat their “closed” perception on every front to diffuse Android’s success. As long as a carrier has the network to support the iPhone’s requirements, Apple should let them sell the product.

  6. Scott Moritz reports for TheStreet because most other stock market sources realize this guy is clueless. I bet he is surprised and unaware that this was going to happen.


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