Intel Sandy Bridge-based Macs could arrive in spring 2011, offer impressive performance boosts

Apple Online Store“I’ll be very surprised if we don’t see a Sandy Bridge-based Mac by spring,” Dennis Sellers reports for MacNews. “I suspect it will be iMac — with MacBook Pro and Mac Pro versions to follow. The question is: what new features will Apple introduce with the processor, which offers some intriguing possibilities?”

“Intel purportedly plans to introduced its next-generation processors during a Jan. 5 keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show,” Sellers reports. “According to an invitation sent to the press, Intel PC Client Group general manager Mooly Eden will show off the new processors, which will include the “world’s fastest processor.” The new processors are expected to replace the Nehalem line of chips currently used in Apple’s Core i5 and i7-equipped iMacs and MacBook Pros. Six and eight-core chips will also follow later in 2011.”

Sellers reports, “Sandy Bridge chips should offer an impressive performance boost.”

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  1. What’s so revolutionary about Sandy Bridge? Intel integrated graphics? no thanks!

    EVERY new chip is advertised to offer amazing performance gains. Unfortunately, Intel’s not offered much for speed gains in the last few years — instead it’s offered multi-core chips that, sadly, few software companies fully support. So why get an expensive Sandy Bridge when current Xeon or i7 processors aren’t even used to their current capabilities?

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