Danish tabloid blasts Apple and Steve Jobs for not allowing nude pinups in App Store

“The editorial drawing [left] of Steve Jobs as a brush-wielding bowdlerizer appeared in Monday’s issue of Ekstra Bladet, a Danish tabloid with a sensationalist bent that likes to think of itself as a champion of the common man,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“One of the paper’s most popular features is its ‘Side 9 Pigen,’ the photo of a topless or totally nude woman that has graced the 9th page of every issue since 1979,” P.E.D. reports. “Because of the paper’s Page 9 Girl, Apple has refused to let Ekstra Bladet appear anywhere in its App Store, even the version seen only in Denmark.”

P.E.D. reports, “Ekstra Bladet, for its part, refuses to remove its beloved pin-up, and has launched a series of increasingly strident attacks on Apple that culminated Monday in the drawing above and an editorial.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Ekstra Bladet’s “Side 9” page (NSFW) is totally accessible on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch via the built-in Safari browser.


  1. I think this behavior from this tabloid would qualify as an abuse of its journalistic responsibilities. Oh wait, it has none and is therefore considered entertainment?

    I have to be honest, it bothers me what some
    Will do to fling open doors just so they can make an extra buck. It’s bad enough that I have to shield my children and their natural curiosity from the stuff they see and hear on tv and in music, but these jokers want to force their crap on a place that I can let my kids roam relatively freely? I realize this is Danish but this needs to stop.

  2. Seriously. I support Steve Jobs’ strong stance against pornography on the App store. It’s already a bad enough that this drug is as easy as it is to access. Don’t need it everywhere. It’s Apple’s Store, they get to decide what to carry on its shelves.

  3. It’s Apple’s store. They decide the content. It’s not a democracy. You don’t like it? Develop for another platform. Nobody’s forcing you onto the App Store.

    That being said, I’m not offended by nudity, but here in America we mainly go by the classic puritan perspective – sex and nudity BAD, violence and gore FUCK YEA.

    When I (or a small child) can switch on any number of crime drama shows during the day and see bloody, eviscerated corpses anytime, but it’s *SUCH A BIG DEAL* when someone’s nipple slips out during a Super Bowl halftime show, I have to wonder when this country’s culture will reassess itself. It’s absolutely backwards!

    Apple is making the right *business* decision for their store, but that doesn’t mean I agree with the principle behind it.

  4. @AmericanJoe

    It’s Apple’s right to set their own rules for their marketplace.

    However, in general: many Americans are so cramped up on sexuality, it’s simply unbelievable and leads to excesses.
    In USA the rate of rapes and sexual harassment is much higher than in Northwestern Europe. The taboo on sexuality causes this.

  5. Nudity is not pornography. And some people really are terrible hypocrites when it comes to sexuality. All the countries are not under the canes of the religious bigots.

  6. In the US, we should control things like this from our children, if that’s our and Apple’s desire. However, in Denmark, most particularly, pictures of a woman’s breasts, seeing women nurse babies in a park or on a city bus isn’t even thought of. And definitely, pin-ups of nude women in mags or online is about as offensive as watching a kid fall off his or her bike when learning to ride.

    We are not the World Court as we have not become the Hague nor should American Companies dictate the tastes and moral standings if other countries.

  7. If the iPad is to become the digital text book for our children in the next few years, then a little porn control is good in the apps. They can always surf like everyone else for that stuff.

  8. I don’t consider a pinup porn (unless her orifices are loaded down…)
    but I do appreciate Steve holding off on the nudity for the real ‘common man’ who avoids having such stuff around children.

    And if you REALY want to see beautiful female nudes, Femjoy seems to be a good choice (dang, I drooled on my wireless again…)

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