Apple primed for big 2011 with CDMA iPhone at Verizon and next-gen iPad

Apple Online Store“With the arrival of the widely-anticipated CDMA iPhone at Verizon and a new version of the iPad expected, next year is set to be another big one for Apple,” James Rogers reports for TheStreet.

“Apple’s stock is up almost 52% this year and closed at a record high of $320.15 on Monday,” Rogers reports. “‘Everything in our checks is pointing to a February launch of the iPhone at Verizon,’ Michael Walkley, an analyst at Canaccord Genuity told TheStreet. ‘We think it’s going to sell very well and take share from Android.'”

“‘I think that Apple will reset the [iPad] bar in April,’ added Edward Jones analyst Bill Kreher. ‘We can expect a front-facing camera and a thinner form factor.’ Kreher thinks that the front-facing camera will herald a major expansion of the FaceTime video chat feature that first appeared on the iPhone 4,” Rogers reports. “‘The camera will feed into the explosive growth of FaceTime,’ he explained.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Not to mention MacBook Air and the migration of Air-like tech into Apple’s other Mac product lines.


  1. There is no comparison of Apple that matters. Apple marches to itsbown drummer and vision, it has years of experience at software integration and design that dovetails it’s hardware products with it’s vision, like no other company.

    That is not something that any company can just ramp up to or instantly achieve and build on.

    Applenwill have many more great years and leave many more trails of dust in it’s blazing path.

    If only we could be so sure of the future of the world and this country, we’d be in for another renaissance…

  2. The biggest reason to get the iPhone on Verizon is to stem Android’s growth. If people had a choice at Verizon, they’d buy an iPhone. They buy an Android because they need/want Verizon and can’t get an iPhone, and Windows 7 phones suck and weren’t available. Android is the next best thing to an iPhone, so they have to settle.

  3. What is going to happen if 2011 comes and goes, and Verizon does NOT get an iPhone?

    The ‘iPhone on Verizon’ noise can all be tracked back to the same rumour. It is fascinating how the internet has enabled such stories to gain so much traction, one publication quoting the other, at this point, pretty much the whole tech world is convinced this will happen.

    But then again, the entire world bought the ‘Yellowcake Uranium from Niger’ story (and shrugged off the invasion of Iraq because of it), even though that one was also known to be incorrect from the start.

    Verizon. Getting the iPhone any day now since 2007 (I’m quoting someone else who used to post this, since I hadn’t seen him post it in a while, and it is no less correct today than it was almost 4 years ago).

  4. Rogers, and everyone else that pushes the Verizon CDMA iPhone rumor, are absolute idiots. Verizon has announced, and is in the process of activating it’s LTE network. There is no point in producing a CDMA iPhone.

  5. @ Thanks for reminding people of this in my absence!

    I use 2006 because, even after Verizon rejected Apple and before the iPhone was released, morons were saying Verizon was getting the device.


    Getting the iPhone any day now since 2006.

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