Analyst: High demand for 11-inch MacBook Air, iPad, iPhone 4 create shortages in China

Apple Online Store“Apple’s hottest products are facing significant demand in China, with the 11-inch MacBook Air, certain versions of the iPad, and the iPhone 4 all facing shortages,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Analyst Brian White with Ticonderoga Securities is continuing his tour of the Far East, and on Monday provided investors an update on his second day in China,” Hughes reports. “Though he noted the iPad and 11-inch MacBook Air, in particular he found the iPhone 4 to be Apple’s most difficult product to purchase.”

Hughes reports, “He said wait times [for iPhone 4] are around two months and carrier China Unicom is unable to fulfill about a third of pre-orders.”

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  1. “… around two months and … unable to fulfill about a third of pre-orders.”

    As I have said before, “How many will Apple sell?” is to be answered with, “How many can they get made?”

  2. What iPad/iPhone has done in Shanghai is to wipe out complete sales floors of PCs. I was told the reason is people now prefer to use iOS devices for gaming and shopping, all without viruses and other problems. Customers have upgraded from XP directly to iPad and use their old PCs only for printing and some other stuff you can’t do with the iPad yet.

    There is a good reason FoxxConn built that new factory to Chengdu in the middle of China.

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