Silicon Valley treasure and Apple co-founder Woz looks at the next 2,000 years of computing

Complete your iPad experience with ZAGGmate!“Steve Wozniak spent Thursday morning right where he belongs: at Mountain View’s Computer History Museum,” Mike Cassidy reports for The Mercury News.

“If it weren’t such a cruel notion, the museum should put him in a glass case and add him to its new, $19 million makeover, set to open next month. The Woz is a treasure, a genuine Silicon Valley article and a fascinating artifact in his own way. Which is how he does things — in his own way,” Cassidy reports. “Wozniak was at the museum to give reporters a tour of the remodeled museum and stir up enthusiasm for the debut exhibit, ‘Revolution: The First 2,000 Years of Computing.'”

Cassidy reports, “He started by saying that he wasn’t a historian. And then, in the course of a morning, he proceeded to describe, better than any history book, the magical hold of technology.”

“‘I didn’t design this computer to make a lot of money and start a company,’ he said. ‘I wanted to accelerate the world advancement in the social revolution.’ The Apple-1 would be a new way to communicate. A new way for the individual to exercise power. He walked over to the Apple II on display nearby,” Cassidy reports. “‘This is my real gem,’ he said, ‘the greatest design of my life.’ And no one — not a docent, no guard, nobody — said a word when he pulled off the top panel to show the machine’s motherboard. ‘About half as many chips,’ he said.”

Cassidy reports, “A great innovator builds what others can’t even imagine. And Wozniak started imagining the possibilities early on.”

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Smaller devices and mobility are the way to the future of personal-computing technology, according to Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Therese Poletti has the interview at Silicon Valley’s Computer History Museum:

Video via MarketWatch.

MacDailyNews Take: Woz is really a treasure for the whole world.

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  1. ‘I wanted to accelerate the world advancement in the social revolution.’ The Apple-1 would be a new way to communicate.”

    I don’t think so. I really find it hard to believe tha Woz was that ‘deep’ at the time. “A new way to communicate”? Give me a break. Talk about re-writing history. IMHO.

    However, Jobs and Woz are A-OK in my book. Just let’s not pontificate.

  2. Dude, you must be too young to remember, but young idealistic entrepreneurs thought like that back then. I quite sure Woz wuz aware of people like Marshall McLuhan & Doug Engelbart and they were thinking in this same vein. Read some of Engelbart’s stuff.

    No, I’m pretty sure Woz did think like that.

    Don’t be too quick to think that other people can only do what YOU imagine.

  3. I actually like how modest this guy is compared to other overblown egos out there. He downplays his achievements and contributions to computing history.

    MW: “respect” – that’s right, you’ve got to respect that.

  4. Its easy to forget that in those days the technology that they were developing was a total shift from air cooled rooms in big corporations to the individual only in the mind, geeks and for the rich at that time but they forsaw the time when we all used it and as such would undoubtedly consider and philosophise upon the bigger picture and the transformation it would have on society, that these days we simply take for granted.

  5. To downplay Woz’s achievement and the way he advanced computing you have to either to young or too stupid to stupid to really understand what he did.

    In a word, he put computers in the hands of the common people.

    Something like the printing press did to books.

    There’s no sarcasm to say he’s modest. He really is.

    I’m lucky not to be young enough to understand.

  6. @Iman Edeot

    Well if it weren’t for Woz, There wouldn’t be an Apple

    As much as we all like Steve Jobs, he didn’t know how to write code, build a machine piece by piece since it woz who designed it in Jobs garage. Jobs was the 1 who knew how to communicate & present everything with his pretty boy appearance & strong way to present.. Without Woz at the time, Jobs would’ve been lost & the same Vice Versa. Once the Company kicked off cause of Woz’s creature, Apple really didn’t need Woz anymore. So really he did help accelerate the world advancement. We’d probably be 10 years behind sniffing the rears of IBM or Hewlett Packard with whatever junk they threw at us.

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