RUMOR: Howard Stern to leave SIRIUS XM to sign $600 million deal with Apple iTunes

“Could Apple be planning on signing a deal with legendary radio shock jock Howard Stern to exclusively host a new iTunes show?,” John Brownlee reports for Cult of Mac. “That’s the rumor amongst Sirius investors, and it’s food for thought, if not terribly likely.”

“According to the rumor, Howard Stern is about to sign a contract with Apple for $600 million over three years to host a new internet show over iTunes,” Brownlee reports. “The move doesn’t make much sense on its own, but if Apple is intending on making a serious push into online radio or television, via iTunes, AirPlay and AppleTV, it makes at least some sense.”

Brownlee reports, “The problem with this rumor though is Apple’s own standards of decency.”

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  1. I thought this was April 1st for a second when I saw this headline. Of course, it wouldn’t be a good Fool’s joke because of the almost zero chance of it happening!!

  2. Yeah, right.

    Howard Stern is crude, raunchy and crass… and sometimes even funny… while Apple goes out of it’s way to keep the content they sell G-Rated.

    It’ll NEVER happen.

    File this one with…
    Apple will make TV sets.
    Apple needs to license Mac OS X to survive.
    The iPad needs Flash and a USB port.

  3. The assumptions that this form of radio show would be of a subscriptive nature. Once this territory is breached censorship would not be an issue. One could imagine a division between the free and therefore wholesome content that Apple would provide and a new line of service that those interested in would pay premium for that would satisfy adult( uncensored ) content. Perhaps there are those who find Mr.Stern offensive and who like the idea that offensive and honest trumps inoffensive and politically correct. I for one believe that there is room for both in the Apple universe.
    My best guess is that Apple would find a way to segregate those who want Stern from those who don’t easily within the iTunes mechanism. I also have no doubt that there are millions of listeners who would follow Stern to iTunes and kick off a new subscription service that would change the paradigm again. Just my opinion

  4. You morons, why did he get 500 mil? You obviously don’t listen to his show, it is great entertainment! Apple would be lucky to have him. Sirius profits a million a month off Stern.

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