Motorola Droid 2 phone explodes, bloodies Texas man’s ear (with video)

A Texas man wound up in the hospital after he said his Motorola Droid cellphone exploded while he was holding it next to his ear:

MacDailyNews Take: One thing’s for sure, the guy certainly looks and sounds like an Android sufferer. One question, though: Aron, can you hear me now?

As if having knowledgeable people waiting for the Verizon iPhone wasn’t enough, now Moto gets to enjoy this lovely holiday shopping season publicity for their flagship pretend iPhone.


  1. Ok the Droid exploded. Did the antenna have good reception?

    Steve Jobs offered a bumper (which I already had from day one). What will the Droid users be offered to work around this? A helmet? I see a recall with iPhone replacements with this one!

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