Dropkick released for Mac and iPhone (20% off for MacDailyNews readers)

To-do list apps are a dime a dozen, but most of them over do it with complicated interfaces. You end up spending more time organizing your tasks than actually getting things done. A new app called Dropkick aims to change all of that. Its simple interface focuses on the essentials, leaving out all the distractions. The result is a to-do list that finally just might help you get things done.

Dropkick works great on either iPhone or Mac as a standalone, but it really shines when synced together. Syncing happens securely over the internet so you can easily add tasks at your desk and pick up where you left off on-the-go.

Dropkick is available as a free trial from dropkickapp.com. Upgrading to the full version is a $1.99 in-app purchase for the iPhone version and $4.99 for the Mac version. The application is compatible with iOS 3.0 or later and Macs running OS X 10.5 or 10.6.

MacDailyNews Note: Save a buck! MacDailyNews readers get a 20% discount off the Mac version with coupon code MACDAILYNEWS through December 31st.


  1. Ron,

    So email yourself a list that you can’t edit or check off easily? You could also use the Notes app on the iPhone (which I do) but it does not handle TO DOs and they end up stuck until I delete them. I really like this very simple interface and execution. You can try it for free (limit of 10 items). I just tried a few and the sync with iPhone is quite nice and quick. I will be giving them a little cash for their trouble.

  2. I have purchased and tried ALMOST ALL list apps in the App Store, forever looking for something to match feature-rich simplicity of ListMaker for the Palm from years ago. Still looking.
    I will happily give Dropkick a try.

  3. Looks like a developer finally has Mac pricing down. Most paid software for Mac is $20-$60 which is unrealistic IMO and immediately turns me away no matter how great the software performs.
    $5 is perfect, $4 even better.

  4. What impressed me the most is how MDN gave this the red carpet treatment. My cousin had an app the he tried to submit to MDN but it never got a perp from these guys. Do you have to be one of their drinking buddies to get mentioned here?

  5. @ Urlow

    If one uses a concept of value rather than plucking numbers from one’s hidden orifices, then one can find software of great value with a realistic price in nearly any price range. There is an amazing software package I can’t do without professionally that costs over $500 (it’s for research). There is another suite that’s free that is also amazing — TeX Live with TeXShop.

  6. Would have been a great app except the desktop component is cross platform. Why is that bad? Because Windows sucks and the cross platform overhead is not worth it on a Mac.

    Suggestion: ta da list From 37signals is free and even easier to use

    Dropkick is a clever name, but then again, riding on dropbox’s coattails is not very cool

    Note to self: make any program with a discount for MDN readers and it will be featured by MDN in an article as if it is the best thing ever

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