Apple expands Motorola lawsuit to include 12 more patents, most of which target Android

“Apple has quietly widened the scope of its ongoing countersuits against Motorola to include 12 more patents,” Electronista reports. “The iPhone maker on Wednesday amended a Wisconsin lawsuit to accuse Motorola of infringing on 12 extra patents beyond the 12 that were already in play, most of which target Android.”

Electronista reports, “Apple also notably drew a connection to Motorola’s countersuits against Microsoft. Transferring the Delaware motion to Wisconsin shouldn’t be an issue if Motorola is already suing Microsoft there, the request said. Microsoft is already targeting Motorola in multiple ways, including suing to slow down Android and in a dispute over licenses for Xbox technology.

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For more detail, see also: Apple vs. Motorola: now 42 patents-in-suit (24 Apple and 18 Motorola patents)


  1. When Apple is the TARGET of a suit, folks here get bent out of shape about how wonky the patents are, or how the owner bought them just in case they might get a chance to sue over them, or … well, lots of whining. Which I sometimes agree with.
    Now Apple is doing the suing and it’s the perfect response to the situation. Is this just because it’s Apple doing the suing and you guys are cheering on the “home team”? Or is it because Apple has the product on the market, using the patented technology, that’s different? Or is there something else in play, here? Like: we like seeing Moto take it up the butt!

  2. @ DLMeyer:

    I always look at the individual patents in question (which I haven’t really done with this). Some patent claims are trolling; others are legitimate. I won’t deny that I get some schadenfreude when it comes to Apple suing over Android because I think Google has been slimy, but I’ll just let the courts sort it out. They have to be objective. I don’t.

  3. AAPL has more cash on hand than most tech giants out there, AAPL can simply prolong the lawsuits processes and wear them out in court to the point that they can no longer afford the attorney fees. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  4. Guess android is really starting to bite…

    this should be fun. Be nice to see what apple is trying to claim patent infringement on, since android is nothing like iOS. And BTW, android is NOT google. Android is open handset alliance and open source courtesy of google. So the enemy is one’s own prejudices and fanboyism since opposing android is opposing freedom.

    And deliberately seeking to destroy or compel a competitor’s actions through nuisance/groundless lawsuits that run up unaffordable legal fees is really something that needs to be addressed. I think something like having to pay the legal fees of the defendant ten or twenty times over would be about fair and discourage this type of behavior. Can’t win -> sue. How sad. It’s no wonder the US economy is circling the bowl. Nothing gets made anymore.

  5. I think everyone here knows this story very well. Apple has worked on the UI for iOS for many years. Some four years ago, they announced it to the world. At that precise moment, Google has already bought the core of the Android OS. Touch UI wasn’t part of it, though. As soon as they saw Apple’s multi-touch UI, they began working on their own version.

    There is nothing about Android that can by any possible stretch of imagination be equated to “freedom”. The OS is locked down to lesser or greater degree by the carriers, when it is not already locked down by handset makers. Not to mention all those other points that pretty much everyone here already knows (perhaps except Brulek.

    There is a clear difference between Apple being sued for patent violation and Apple suing to defend their own patents. Pretty much EVERY single patent-infringement lawsuit against Apple was filed in the East District of Texas, by a small, no-name company that does NOT produce anything, but instead has a collection of various patents they acquired from many different sources. When Apple sues for violation, they defend patents for technology used in their flagship products. Apple is trying to protect the IP in actual products that bring bread to the table. These no-name companies are trying to shake down successful companies using obscured, never implemented patents acquired from third parties. The difference can be seen all the way from Jupiter.

  6. @predrag

    You don’t seem to understand freedom: as it free to do whatever you like with the OS and the handset you run it on. It is open source. I hope that is clear enough for you (your fanboy addled mind probably struggles with the concept of FOSS)? I know you like to think you’re the resident expert on whatever, which is fine- delude yourself as much as you like. But at least try to know what you’e talking about before you start.

    Apple invented touch screen and gesture control…not. Apple should sue if somebody is using its IP without permission. But if somebody somewhat imitates an interface but implements it differently then good luck with that. Apple didn’t invent icons and navigation as such…so again, where’s the lawsuit??? Other than trying to jam a stick in the wheel of android. Exactly. In your petty diatribe, you addressed nothing patentable except for some vague pleading about look and feel. Gee that’s really useful…not.

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