The Guardian reveals iOS app subscriptions, prices

“As Apple is rumored to soon unveil a new subscription service for applications on iOS devices, popular U.K. newspaper The Guardian has revealed that it hopes to release a new subscription-based iPhone application before Christmas,” Slash Lane reports for AppleInsider.

“The publication announced Thursday that it will remove its current application from the App Store, and replace it with a new subscription-based app that will cost £2.99 for six months and £3.99 for 12 months,” Lane reports. “The Guardian will also have an ad-supported version released in the U.S. for free.”

Lane reports, “Apple is said to have worked closely with News Corp. to create a new tablet-only newspaper called The Daily, expected to launch in a matter of weeks.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. I did a two-month support gig at The Guardian once, on the shift starting at noon.

    It was fabulous: got in at 12, went to lunch about 30 minutes later, did five or six hours of support on Quark with Macs – which really was never that much of a burden – then went for a heavily-subsidised dinner.

    If that’s communism, I’ll have more of it.

  2. While there are a number of advantages in the sales model pioneered by the App Store, I see an alarming development lurking, namely the emergence of apps that are country-specific (this is against all principles of free trade, as championed by the European Commission).

    Moreover, the App Store is getting more and more cluttered by apps that sell separately for each source of information (E.g., Internet radios, one app per station; Newspaper readers, one app per newspaper; Navigation software, one app per region).
    Apple should strive to only accept apps that work for a wide range of similar sources, such as Internet Radios: many stations; Newspapers: many newspapers, Navigation software: not region specific.

    In-app purchases could still provide for the sale of individual content. An example in point is: If there would be a GPS app, say, from Garmin, for every country in Europe, then I would have to purchase the app several times, possibly for a few overlapping regions, given that I travel around quite a bit in Europe (but far from everywhere).

  3. Living in the UK I really wouldn’t want to read a French or German newspaper though. I can’t speak their languages and aren’t really interested in their news. Country specific newspapers make sense to me.

  4. Our friend Ugh is obviously content to absorb and believe whatever Rupert Murdoch and Fox News decides that it wants him to think today.
    For those of us that prefer to make our own minds up then the Guardian app is a welcome addition to the plurality of news sources available on iOS platforms at a fair price. I know ‘plurality’ is a kinda long and difficult word for you Ugh, and not one that you’ll see in anything Murdoch produces, but you really ought to try broadening your horizons a little, before Sarah Palin decides for you that all this thinking is just too much like hard work…

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