Old Navy piloting Apple’s iPod touch-based Point Of Sale systems

“Late last year there were rumors that Apple would release their EasyPay point-of-sale system as a commercial product to third parties,” Seth Weintraub and Mark Gurman report for 9 to 5 Mac. “Last month Apple’s first customer, Gap Inc’s Old Navy subsidiary began piloting them. We’re told there is one per store and they are kept in a safe when not in use.”

Weintraub and Gurman report, “A Gap. Inc. spokeswomen confirmed Apple’s new business for us with the following statement: ‘I can confirm that we are piloting Apple’s iPod based POS system at a few of our Old Navy stores.’

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple. Revolutionizing retail, like pretty much everything else they touch.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Brawndo Drinker” and Arline M.” for the heads up.]


  1. When you consider the pos windows mobile contraption they were using before, it’s no surprise that other forward-looking retailers want to use Apple’s more elegant and workable solution. Bloodbath for M$ on this one, too!

  2. This is the type of market that the iPod touch is going to swallow whole and wholly unopposed.

    It is stunning that Apple’s competitors seem to have entirely given up on this market where Apple has sold an estimated 40 million units since the iPod touch was first introduced. Apple is capturing the under 20 crowd, mobile gaming crowd, people who won’t/can’t use AT&T crowd, retail apps, medical apps, etc. and no one is offering any real competition. And the latest iPod touch with >300 ppi resolution, built in mic, real VOIP options, HD video camera/editing, fantastic gaming options and free texting options is only going to accelerate that trend.

    Besides everything else being a blockbuster for Apple this Christmas, the iPod touch is going to have a MEGA-blockbuster Christmas. It is simply an awesome device without peer anywhere in the world. Even if Apple had never invented the iPhone, the iPod touch would be a hugely strategic product for them.

    Now if they would only give us a GPS option and make VOIP completely seamless. (Put the speaker and the mic in the “right place” for example.)

  3. 2 or 3 years ago, the non-Apple POS devise was a P.O.S. Now, the POS devise that has a iPod touch core is very easy to use. I hand them my credit card, they swipe it and ask if I want the receipt e-mailed to me. Seconds now vs. minutes before!

  4. O hell no i Work at Gap why don’t we have this? how ever its kinda difficult to see if its gonna be a hit because they really push credit card applications and i gotta see this mini printer they are carrying on their belt. they wont do the whole email receipts because they need the actual one in store with the fraud detector on it so they are gonna have to print the receipts. i say get rid of the horribly slow IBM touch screen cash registers we have that are horrible and replace them with iPads. did u know we can actually do an online order on those IBMs but let me tell u they are ridiculously slow the screen is not sharp and no one ever tells the customers we can place their online order in the store for that reason if it was faster maybe we could push online orders for items not in the store. but i doubt Gap Inc. wants to pend that much money in a new register checkout system

  5. I bought something at Old Navy at the Irvine Spectrum on Thanksgiving and they were using this. It was nice and quick. They swiped my card, I signed with my finger and I was out the door.

    Like all things Apple, it just worked.

  6. “They swiped my card, I signed with my finger and I was out the door.”

    Two possible reactions:
    – You can only do this 8 times, unless you want them to chop off your thumbs as well.
    – I sign with my finger all the time, but people don’t react well to the middle finger.

  7. …”I was out of there in less than 5 minutes.”

    That time is nowhere near record. I’m not sure mine is either, but; three years ago, I walked into the 14th street Apple Store in Manhattan. Right from the door, one of the kids asked me what I was looking for. I was buying 12 “fatboy nanos” to take home (overseas), some as gifts, some to re-sell (twice as expensive over there). He went back and returned within about 20 seconds with 12 iPods in a white bag. My total time was likely below 90 seconds from the moment I walked through the door in and then out.

    I’ll try and beat this record next time I’m getting something as simple as an iPod (i.e. no activation). It will be fun to find out how fast can you buy something in a physical retail store. I’m sure the record will always be made in an Apple store — no other kind of retail can do it so quickly.

  8. > Specifically she is signing for her purchase with her finger.

    Sign with finger? I never had to sign anything when checking out of an Apple Store, just like I don’t sign anything when I buy gas with a credit card, or buy something online for that matter…

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