Cannacord Genuity analyst boosts Apple’s holiday quarter iPad projection 26% to 6.3 million units

“Based on early holiday checks with sales channels, Cannacord Genuity analyst Michael Walkley on Thursday boosted his projection for year-end quarter iPad sales by Apple Inc. by 26 percent to 6.3 million units,” New Mexico Business Weekly reports

“‘Based on continued strong sell-through trends for the iPad and iPhone, we believe Apple will maintain both market and profit share leadership in these fast growing markets,’ Walkley wrote,” NMBW reports.

Full article here.


  1. Whenever MDN posts a story about an analyst making predictions concerning Apple, it should be accompanied by their predictions over the last couple of years, alongside the actual results that Apple published that quarter.

    Everybody can then see just how worthwhile their predictions have been in the past and can then have an indication of the reliability of that latest opinion.

  2. @AlanAudio
    Or you can just ignore the predictions completely and save some time. I’m not even sure why I clicked on this story. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue wink” style=”border:0;” />

  3. now if Apple only sells 6.299 million:

    Scott Moritz will say ” iPad numbers disappoints, below analysts expectations”

    Paul Thurrott “as I expected lack of features vs windows tablets causes iPad sales to be lower than analyst estimates”.
    (Go check out Paul’s ‘hilarious’ : “How Apple can fix the iPad in 2011” on Supersite for Windows)

    Zdnet ” Awesome Android and Windows tablets cause iPad Christmas sales to falter” and “Does Apple need a new CEO?”

    Barrons ” is it time to sell Appl?”

  4. @KingMe, I agree why did I click on this, most of these
    analysts are useless, and these stories aren’t even a fun read.

    @let me Tell Ya. Agreed. We come here cuz it’s easy, we are pro Mac and proud of it. We’re here, we use great hardware and software, get used to it!

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