iBank 4.1 offers more flexible, powerful Mac-only money management

Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac IGG Software today announced the release of iBank 4.1, a significant update to the leading Mac-only personal finance management application. Arriving just ten weeks after the launch of iBank 4, the new version delivers multiple enhancements including additional report templates, CSV data import and new contextual menus. The update is free to current users of iBank 4.

“We already felt like iBank 4 set a new standard for money management on a Mac,” says iBank’s developer, IGG president Ian Gillespie, in the press release. “But we also had our eyes on ways we could improve upon it, and we heard many of the same ideas from our users. So this release feels like a big step forward, for both the app and our customers.”

iBank 4.1 offers major improvements including: three new report templates (Forecast, Category Detail and Expense Timeline); enhancements to the Portfolio report, adding at-a-glance summary information; a new “daily” interval option for reports; a new report set-up assistant for enhanced customization and control over report content; new contextual menus allowing for easy batch editing; support for CSV data import; the option of hiding images from the account register; an expandable window for editing split transactions; a new overlay view showing dates, categories, etc. (depending on the sort) that appears when scrubbing through large lists of transactions; and 1Password integration, allowing for more streamlined and secure bank account log-ins. iBank 4.1 offers many other minor enhancements, as well as numerous fixes relating to improved QIF import, better updating from iBank 3 and much more.

These improvements build upon longstanding iBank features such as direct downloads from online accounts, custom check printing, robust data export and iPhone sync. Among dozens of new features included in September’s release of iBank 4 are: faster transaction entry and dynamic editing options in an intuitive, innovative two-line register; an all-new reporting engine; envelope budgeting; a seamless set-up assistant for transferring data from Mac and PC versions of Quicken, MS Money, or other finance programs; and significant speed enhancements throughout.

iBank 4 offers an unlimited 30-day free trial, free support and a 30-day unconditional guarantee on direct purchases from IGG. The retail price of iBank 4 is US$59.99; licensed users of iBank 3 can upgrade for $29.99. iBank 4.1 requires Mac OS X 10.5.8 or higher, and will run on Macs using either Intel or PowerPC processors. The latest version can be downloaded from IGG online, where there is also a link to a new set of “Getting Started” video tutorials. Additional tutorials are being added each week this month as part of IGG’s “Tutorial Tuesday” series. Syncing iBank to iOS devices requires iBank Mobile 1.2 for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, sold separately via the iTunes App Store. The app offers mobile transaction entry, QIF data export and full sync with iBank via Wi-Fi, MobileMe or any WebDAV server.

More info about iBank 4.1 and iBank Mobile here.

Source: IGG Software, LLC


  1. I tried iBank 3 last year. My need is to document, track and report ALL of our portfolio transactions buys, sells, dividend and interest payments, splits, etc. in addition to Banking account transactions.

    It was just WOEFULLY short in the Reports department. It was not possible to generate a Transaction Report for our Investment Portfolio that summarized all of the Transactions that month, year, etc. in detail.

    I very reluctantly retreated to Quicken Mac 2005/2007. It is the only software with robust Report and Stock Transaction features, which has been dropped in Quicken for Mac 2010.

    iBank developers (and other Mac financial developers) please take note.

  2. @ron

    You are so right! Quicken for Mac 2010 completely dropped the ball…it is an embarrassment.

    Quicken has left the door to Mac riches wide open…what talented, clever developers will step up to the plate????

  3. @Gomer37

    It may be “non-intuitive” but it is very “Intuit”-ive. They make it, after all.

    Sadly, I have yet to find a replacement on the Mac for my orphaned Money 2001 that is the sole piece of software running in a virtual machine. Still waiting…

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