Apple awarded U.S. patent on no-glasses-required 3D display

Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac “Apple has been awarded a U.S. patent for a display system that would allow multiple viewers to see a high-quality 3D image projected on a screen without the need for special glasses, regardless of where they are sitting,” Mikael Ricknäs reports for IDG News.

“Apple’s patent describes using a special reflective screen with a rippled texture to create an autostereoscopic projection system, meaning one in which different images are projected to each eye without the need for special glasses,” Ricknäs reports. “The system tracks the viewer’s eyes and calculates their position in space. It then projects each pixel of the stereoscopic images to a precise spot on one of the screen’s ripples, reflecting it into one or other of the viewer’s eyes. If Apple can do this for one pair eyes, it suggests, it can project multiple images to different points on the ripples for multiple users at the same time.”

Read more in the full article here.

Apple’s U.S. patent 7,843,449 for a 3D display system can be read in full here.


  1. @Wingsy:

    You would get a perfect, 2D image. Your camera lens is one “eye” that sees the display at a single angle.

    This is funny because this is exactly how I said 3D TV would work, a few years ago, and then they (Sony, Samsung, LG) came out with that stupid glasses crap. I happy to see someone has a brain… and it was Apple. Big surprise.

  2. Great !! At least Apple is doing something regarding 3d. I’ve said people should check out Panasonic 3d plasma demos. They have a Rome 3d demo that’s just great. Talking about it is useless, it has to be SEEN. Nintendo’s 3d won’t work unless the person is right in the middle. Anything that uses a mirror is questionable. Take a half circle and put it next to a mirror. The “real’ half is bright and distinct, the other half is DULL. Try that with any color, it’s the same story. Mitsubishi’s DLP uses reflected images off a mirror, and looks weird. But I can’t wait to SEE what Apple has done. I thought I was just a voice crying out in the darkness, but NO…Apple IS working on 3d stuff.

  3. The Joker:

    What you are talking about (Fuji’s ‘paralax barrier’ display) and what Apple is patenting have nothing in common except the fact that they display 3D images.

    Fuji contraption requires specific distance and angle of viewing in order to actually resolve a decent 3D image.

    It is so annoying when people come out and post stuff they know very little about. What did you expect? It only takes about 30 seconds to google this thing up.

    As Mark Twain once said:

    “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”…

  4. Predrag, you really are an asshat. You think the Apple system wont require specific angles and distances? If you think that, you really are as dumb as a house plant. Fujifilm has perfected this technology and has reached state-of-the-art status. Apple is merely piggy backing off this.

    I laugh in your face Predrag, you are really nothing but a clown.

  5. Whats wrong Joker, You get called out by Predrag, he was correct, you are wrong but you still have to be a spoiled little brat and cry about it.

    For God Sake the Apple & Fuji Technology are TWO (2) Different types of tech, now since Apple has the patent on the technology it shows that it is.

    Also look at the original dates of Apple filings. and how the tech was Acquired by Apple before Spitting your nonsense.

    I Would Say stay in School Joker, or go back to school but for you it just would not help, idiots and arguments don’t mix.

    The only piggy backing I see is you Joker hogging up space with your Bull Sh**.

  6. @ The Joker

    If someone were to give you clue, you wouldn’t know what to do with it. Perhaps you should go and play with people more suited to your intellectual capacity, like your local funny farm.


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