Magellan releases major update to Magellan RoadMate app for iPhone

Magellan today announced a major update to its popular Magellan RoadMate navigation app for iPhone. The updated Magellan RoadMate App is available now on Apple’s App Store.

Version 1.3 of the Magellan RoadMate App is fully compatible with iOS4, taking advantage of iPhone 4’s multitasking ability as well as Retina Display. Users can now make or take phone calls while real-time navigation activities and routing continues in the background.

Other key features new to the Magellan RoadMate App include:

• LifeTime Live Traffic – Users can avoid traffic congestion by comparing current and proposed alternative routes, making well-informed decisions ahead of traffic delays.

• Location-based promotional offers and coupons – Users are presented with offers on-screen while their destination is being routed. Users can choose to re-route to the sponsor’s storefront or save the promotional coupons for redemption at a later time.

• Points of Interest (POI’s) sharing – Users can share POI’s with their friends and family via mail, Facebook and Twitter. A link is included which, if the friend or family member has the Magellan RoadMate App installed, will open automatically to the location’s “Go” screen for easy routing.

All existing Magellan RoadMate App users will receive the update free of charge.

“While the Magellan RoadMate App has been well received to date, consumers have been asking for additional features that take advantage of iPhone’s capabilities,” said Stig Pedersen, Senior Director of Product Management, Magellan, in the press release. “Now, all Magellan RoadMate App users, existing and new, will receive these amazing new features at no additional charge.”

The Magellan RoadMate App is available for $59.99 (North America version), $49.99 (USA-only version), or $34.99 (Canada-only version) from the App Store.

Special promotional pricing is available for a limited time: $44.99 (North America version), $34.99 (USA-only version), or $29.99 (Canada-only version).

Source: MiTAC International Corporation


  1. I do not have an iPhone, hence my question.
    How do data charges apply while on a trip. Does this app eat up you less than “unlimited” data rate and put you over the top and paying extra? Thank you.

  2. @silverhawk
    At this point in time the iPhone is only available on ATT and the only plan is unlimited. Therefore no problem and no extra charges. Now on the iPad it is different, but you may well find that the $15 a month for 250 MB is adequate for that. I used my iPad for a 3,000 mile round trip. I used 3G in the iPad for all the hours I was driving. I signed up for the 2 gig for $25 but found that I only used 210 MB in total. I also got my email and checked my stocks etc with that 210 MB. Your mileage may vary of course.

  3. @silverhawk

    If the maps are built into the app, and I believe they are in this app, then there is no data used while using the app. Unless, of course, you want the live traffic info or other “features”.

  4. @silverhawk
    I may have mislead you. I did not have Magellen on my iPad, only used google’s Maps app. So I needed internet all the time because the maps are not downloaded to the iPad. Even so with 3,000 miles I only used 210 MB of 3G so I suspect you would need far less with Magellen that does have the maps built in. Hope that clears it up some.

  5. @ The Other Steve:

    +1. Does this make Magellan a real competitor to Navigon or TomTom? I have had both Navigon and TomTom, and I always find myself preferring Navigon on my phone.

    On the iPad, I use Co-Pilot HD, precisely because of Curtis the Geek’s question

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