Apple Online Store features special Cyber Monday deals – today only

Apple has posted the following Cyber Monday special deals – available today only.

More info here.

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  1. Why do they bother? Truth is they don’t need to do any kind of sale, and these little tiny discounts seem more likely to piss people off (it doesn’t take much) than get people to by who wouldn’t have already. I say they should just skip the lame deals and time the release of some hot new must have for Black Friday.

  2. this is a joke. 10% off list? compared to what routine discount price at Amazon? a “sale” would be at least 20% off. a real sale would be at least 30% off.

    well, this will let Apple identify some very weak link in its retail management team.

  3. @Rev. Dr.

    On the contrary, if people learn that there may be sales or promotions at unexpected times, they might just visit the Apple Store more frequently.

    And if I were planning on buying a present at the Apple Store, I would certainly not scoff at an extra 10% windfall.

  4. This is Apple’s token offer for the “cyber Monday”. Obviously, Apple’s marketing sees no reason for any deep discounting, so we get this just so that they can stay in the spirit of the day.

    It’s not like Apple has EVER offered any discounting anyway. This is par for course for Apple, and to be expected.

  5. Let me see… I think I can sum up all comments here pretty easily;

    WAHHHH!! Waaah! Whaaah!
    OOOoohh, look at me!!! Bitch Bitch Bitch.
    oooh! this is so much fun!!!
    I have nothing better to do with my life!!


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