Apple launches federal government integrator strategy

Cyber Monday Richard W. Walker reports for Washington Technology, “Apple Corp. is looking to take a larger bite out of the government IT pie.”

MacDailyNews Take: Bad start, Rich: It’s Apple Inc., not Apple Corp.

Walker reports, “The company recently launched a program to formalize relationships with systems integrators and sell its products — chief among them, the iPad tablet computer and the iPhone — on an enterprise level in the government and commercial markets.”

“One of those systems integrators is Agilex Corp. of Chantilly, Va., a 3-year-old firm that is Apple’s first government-focused contractor in the program, said Tim Hoechst, chief technology officer of Agilex,” Walker reports. “Ostensibly among the large[st] systems integrators is Unisys Corp. A Unisys official declined to discuss the details of its arrangement with Apple.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James G.” for the heads up.]


  1. Apple Corp., Apple Inc.? Not even. Try Apple’s rotten core. Photocopiers at the ready Apple minions? Then try prise enterprise away from my cold dead hands. We got them bureaucrats locked up in our Windows cage till kingdom come which means forever & a day.

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