iPhoneless DoCoMo uses Darth Vader to pitch Android phone to Japan (with video)

“After losing out on the rights to sell Apple Inc.’s iPhone to Softbank Corp. in the Japanese market, NTT DoCoMo Inc., the country’s top mobile carrier, is aggressively promoting rival smartphone offerings such as Samsung Electronics Co.’s Galaxy handset,” Daisuke Wakabayashi reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“The iPhone accounts for about two-thirds of the domestic smartphone market, making DoCoMo’s efforts even more challenging in image-conscious Japan, where the iPhone is starting to become a must-have personal accessory among many young people,” Wakabayashi reports. “Persuading people to buy a Samsung smartphone in Japan – a country where the South Korean giant has maintained a fairly low profile in the past – may require Jedi mind tricks or possibly a ‘force’ of nature. What pitchman could pull off such a task? You guessed it, Darth Vader.”

MacDailyNews Take: Nice fake iPhone. Obviously Samsung has no shame.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Star Wars’ Japanese translation must be messed up or DoCoMo has somehow never seen the film(s), but the choice is quite apropos, whether or not they understand it. Google’s brand has been and continues to be diminished by Android at the hands of totally unmanaged, basically out-of-control third-parties. This is why Apple doesn’t let carriers do their own iPhone ads and why Apple smartly retains final approval over everything that involves Apple.


  1. This ad nails it right on the head. The only thing entertaining you ever see someone with an Android phone do is put a picture of their face on someone else’s body. The Android marketplace must be FILLED with those apps.

  2. That is the stupidest commercial I’ve ever seen; it makes Microsoft’s advertising campaigns appear almost competent.

    I’m getting sick of these jerkwad Koreans who want to sell everything under the sun here in the U.S. but won’t reciprocate with our exports. Oh well, it might be irrelevant very soon if the North fries their ungrateful asses.

  3. @Ballmer’s left nut,
    Yes, there’s an app for that. Except for those picture merging apps, texting, calling, and Facebooking, I haven’t seen an Android user use their phone for anything else.

  4. Chill out Kimchi. If you’re being read correctly – a silly phone ad is justification for war? How old are you and how much direct contact have you had with those “jerkwads”. Remember that trade agreements have two sides – the “jerkwads” and our government.
    And they were entered into a looong time ago.
    Sheesh. It’s a phone ad. And some kimchi does smell bad.

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