Trusted Reviews: Apple’s 11-inch MacBook Air a seriously nice machine

Apple Online Store“It was a long time coming, but after months upon months of speculation, there was very little surprise when Apple finally announced that it had indeed been working on an 11.6in laptop. It’s important to remember, of course, that the 11in MacBook Air is decidedly not a netbook,” Hugo Jobling reports for Trusted Reveiws. “If the price tag doesn’t give that away, then using one will.”

Jobling reports, “It may not be a comfort to those excluded from buying a MacBook Air by budget, but this is a seriously nice machine… As with the 13in MacBook Air the 11in system’s flash storage means that it boots up in record time and loads programs with almost alarming haste. Battery life is also excellent, with Apple’s claim of five hours falling short of the six we were able to squeeze out of the Air with the brightness turned down half way.”

Full review here.


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