Trusted Reviews: Apple’s 11-inch MacBook Air a seriously nice machine

Apple Online Store“It was a long time coming, but after months upon months of speculation, there was very little surprise when Apple finally announced that it had indeed been working on an 11.6in laptop. It’s important to remember, of course, that the 11in MacBook Air is decidedly not a netbook,” Hugo Jobling reports for Trusted Reveiws. “If the price tag doesn’t give that away, then using one will.”

Jobling reports, “It may not be a comfort to those excluded from buying a MacBook Air by budget, but this is a seriously nice machine… As with the 13in MacBook Air the 11in system’s flash storage means that it boots up in record time and loads programs with almost alarming haste. Battery life is also excellent, with Apple’s claim of five hours falling short of the six we were able to squeeze out of the Air with the brightness turned down half way.”

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  1. > As with the 13in MacBook Air the 11in system’s flash storage means that it boots up in record time…

    Startup time is becoming mostly irrelevant in the Mac world. I only restart my iMac once every few weeks, and usually because Apple issues a system update that requires a restart. The key aspect of using flash-based storage in the MacBook Air is that it wakes from sleep “instantly” and applications start running almost as quickly.

    But I suppose a publication that mostly reviews Windows computers must feel compelled to highlight “boot” time as an important specification.

  2. What does “…it boots up in record time…” mean? Oh, you mean what you have to do with a Windoze box all the time. Yeah, I heard of that. I think I “boot up” my MacBook every couple or three weeks or so. Maybe.

  3. The Air doesn’t compare favorably to their 2009 system of the year Acer 1810TZ which “has the same resolution display, is hardly less portable (20mm-30mm thick to be specific), and offers an SD card reader, an HDMI-output, and three USB ports, giving it more connectivity that the 11in MacBook Air for some £400 less money”

    No IPS display, no Bluetooth, shitty Intel integrated graphics, no flash memory, and almost a pound heavier, but yea, it’s just about the same system.

    More like Rusted Reviews.

  4. @ Mother of all things Digital RE: “And what happened to Bunches of Munches posts?, I liked him, just your typical whacked out MacHead.”

    Far from the truth.. Bunches of Munches in a Linux-headed TROLL. Bunches spews propaganda and is anti Apple to extremes. Also, he tries to instill FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) in every post he creates against Apple for no apparent valid reason. He doesn’t seem to appreciate good products. Bunches would determinedly find a reason to complain even if Apple cured cancer and he was a beneficiary.. (who did Apple fire recently??)

  5. Ha I only boot up if I have to install an application or update that requires it. Otherwise, my Macs just sleep and instant wake when I need it. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  6. We use cheap HP boxes with Windows 7 at work. Boot time is about 1:50 on average and logging on to the network varies week to week, but currently, due to a bug in a Novell update, login takes about five minutes… when it works at all. And we have to tell students to restart their machines after every use. I waste so much of my time just standing around waiting for machines to come on it’s ridiculous. Like Ken1W, I rarely ever even shut my Mac down. It’s just always instant on, even with four accounts.

  7. I reboot my Macs on average 3-4 times a year. And that’s only because I’m forced to, because of an OS update or something. Otherwise they just sleep and run for months at a time without any problems. That’s just the Mac way.

    But I did stop by the Apple Store today and look at the 11″ Air. Man, that is a tempting machine. I love tiny things and that thing is awesome. I wish I traveled so I could justify getting one!

    Sadly, I have zero use for one, but if I did, I wouldn’t hesitate. As a secondary machine, an ultra-portable, the 11″ would be my choice.

  8. I’m not sure about this review. Do they actually use computers? They seemed to give a lot of lip service to ‘how thing look’ on the outside, but forgot what the Air has on the inside when comparing it to those other systems. Besides, they didn’t even mention osX. You can’t begin to compare a mac to a windows system and forget the advantages osX provide.

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