Apple details Black Friday deals

Apple Online Store“Apple has detailed the US discounts it plans to have on Black Friday in advance of the sale itself,” iPodNN reports.

“The Apple Store will sell all iPads at $41 off, bringing the price of a 16GB Wi-Fi iPad down to $458,” iPodNN reports. “The 13-inch MacBook Air, all iMacs and all MacBook Pros will also see their prices drop $101.”

iPodNN reports, “The iPod nano and iPod touch discounts will be more modest. An $11 discount will bring the 8GB nano to $138, and the touch should drop $21 to hit $208.”

Full article here.

Check out all of Apple’s Black Friday special deals here.


  1. The problem with Apple Black Friday sales is if they could also call it a “no sales tax” day it might be worth it. Buying a Mac, etc. online at a location that doesn’t charge sale tax is something you can do anytime and essentially get this same Apple “deal.” The math is about the same.

  2. You can’t order iPads and have them shipped to your home from BestBuy, Target or Walmart; you have to go to their stores, which means you pay tax.

    Online outfits like MacMall, PC Mall and MacZone and CDW make you call to order, for some reason. It doesn’t appear to be for availability because they say they are in stock.

    All of the prices I’ve seen are full retail, so the only benefit would be not paying taxes, if they don’t automatically deduct them for your state. I wasn’t seeing any free shipping noted.

    If Apple still has free shipping plus this discount, then it’s a good deal to order from them, especially if you want the free engraving.

    I want to order an iPad for my wife for Christmas, but the Apple Store is still down at this time. Guess I’ll finally go to bed and do it in the morning.

  3. Every retailer, as well as practically every manufacturer is scrambling to offer deep discounts tomorrow. The lowest possible discount offered on things that will be on sale tomorrow is almost universally 15%, and majority of discounts out there are between 30% and 50% (we’re talking the ‘Black Friday’ discounts in America, of course; the rest of the world doesn’t apply).

    Apple’s 5-8% discount is difficult to even consider a discount (for reasons stated by Peter, above). It is only Apple’s token marketing effort to stay in the spirit of the ‘Black Friday’. The point is, they have absolutely no reason to actually discount their stuff; they can’t make them fast enough anyway, so reducing prices makes absolutely no sense.

  4. To whoever wrote the message signed as “@Peter Blood” (you may wish to put some handle/nickname/realname in the ‘Comment From’ field next time):

    A quick trip to MacMall revealed that, with the exception of the iPad ($499), all other Apple hardware is listed at just a little lower than Apple’s retail, generally some 3-5% lower. In addition, shipping is free on stuff over $50. If there is a state that demands retail tax from out-of-state online retailers, I haven’t heard of it. NY State only does that with Amazon, as far as I know.

    So, yes, exactly as Peter said, the Apple ‘Black Friday’ deal is no better than regular offerings from MacMall and other such resellers.

  5. I really didn’t see anything that made me leap to click the ‘buy now’ button. I suppose that if I was going to buy one of the items at full price anyway, okay.

    In summation, meh.

  6. Predrag: (we’re talking the ‘Black Friday’ discounts in America, of course; the rest of the world doesn’t apply).

    The near parity of the Canadian dollar to the U.S. has created a problem for Canadian retailers dealing with the thousands of cross-border shoppers heading into the U.S., especially on Black Friday.

    Apple Canada has announced that it has joined other retailers in dropping its prices online and in brick-and-mortar stores in an attempt to stanch the flow.

    Apple Canada’s online store is still down.

  7. We don’t celebrate thanks giving in the UK but the Apple store is doing Black Friday discounts too (and other European Apple stores).

    £35 off iPad, which brings the 16GB Wifi to £394
    £81 off MacBook Pros, 13″ Airs and iMacs
    £15-35 off iPod Touch
    £11-15 off iPod Nano

    No discount for Apple TV though.

  8. I was specifically referring to the iPad and I stand by what I said. As for computers, it looks like MacMall is about the best deal with a discount slightly lower than Apple, free shipping over $49 and no sales tax. I have had to pay sales tax to other resellers, probably because they have warehousing or distribution in my state.

    BestBuy is charging retail prices but with a $125 gift card included, and you pay tax. The others I checked online are also full retail or maybe $5 lower.

    You are also limited if you want some of the built to order variations of Macs from retailers other than Apple, although it seems these options get less every year.

    So yes, ” the Apple ‘Black Friday’ deal is no better than regular offerings from MacMall and other such resellers.”
    But how happy would these resellers be if Apple massively undercut their prices. I doubt if MacMall or the others are really making much profit on Apple products as it is.

    As for the name in the comment field: Until MDN makes everyone register it really doesn’t matter, now does it?

  9. The problem with many of these big on line computer stores like MacMall, Provantage, and many others is that they outsource their shipping to some anonymous low bid vendors who do a terrible job packing their shipments. It’s quite common to recieve a box from them that has very little padding inside thus allowing the contents to be subjected to massive shocks as the items in the box collide with each other in transit. Poorly packed boxes like this can destroy hard drives or worse, result in concealed damage that will dramatically shorten their lives. I now only buy on line from retailers like OWC who always pack their shipments securely.

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